A comprehensive overview of FXCE Direct
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What is FXCE Direct?

FXCE Direct is known as an investment fund for traders 100% funded and managed by FXCE.

Traders can use any account, including a Demo account, to be able to conquer the funding conditions from FXCE. In particular, traders will not be limited by any system, manual trading or automated trading methods are accepted. Additionally, there will be no fees for traders to join FXCE.

Benefits of joining the FXCE Direct 

Transparency trading data: Many investors in the community will know and care about your profile. Therefore, you can get unlimited funds from big investors. In addition, information about profit sharing is also fully updated on your profile. Then, you will not worry about profit-sharing time. 

Automated registration system: FXCE has been constantly improving the user experience. As a result, automizing the registration will help shorten the execution time. You can completely register for automatic funding by creating a Demo Direct account. Therefore, new traders who want to join FXCE Direct will no longer have to worry about funding approval.

No limit on total investment: Basically, FXCE Direct provides a funded account from $2,000 to $10,000. Passing these funding rounds, we will invest in traders in the form of copytrade with a minimum of $100,000. After that, we will increase by $100,000 every 3 months. There's no maximum investment. 

Overview of FXCE Direct

  1. Who can participate?

  • Anyone, including beginners

  • Practice and test the trading systems

  1. Conditions for participation:

  • Maximum of 6 Demo Pro accounts

  • No fees required

  • No need to install Trader's Guard (TG)

  1. Requirements of funding

  • FXCE Score > 25

  • Be profitable

  • Trading for over 3 months

  1. Funded account:

  • Get funded $2,000 upon approval

  • Share 20% profit for the trader

  • Install TG: EDD 15%

  • Increase fund to $10,000 after 3 months with profitable trading (upon approval)

Investment round

After meeting the requirements of the FXCE Direct, we will enter the new stage - the Investment round. The fund account must be profitable. Traders will receive a minimum investment of $100,000 through Copytrade and a 20% profit share (if applicable).

Furthermore, to receive unlimited investment from FXCE Direct, you need to be profitable every 3 months. Many traders have already received million-dollar investments in this program. 


We aim to create a strong community of FXCE traders based on transparency, fairness and sustainability. FXCE Direct is the optimal choice for intelligent trading methods. Do you want to be the next one?

*Note: The profits earned by traders must be stable or balanced over time. FXCE reserves the right to refuse funding to any trader if there are suspicions or determinations of non-compliant behavior.