CopyTrading Star Round 2 Is Officially Back
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CopyTrading Star Round 1 is over and we have also found the best investors to conquer Round 2 which must be a fierce battle. If you are one of those competitors, please follow this article to keep up to date with the interesting information in Round 2!

About The Round 2

  • Each CopyTrade investor will be provided an 1-million-Cent account by FXCE (equivalent to $10,000).

  • Total Prize Pool up to 5,000 FXCE Tokens.

  • Investors will receive 20% of monthly profits from CopyTrade.

Participating Benefits

In Round 2 of the Copytrading Star contest, participants enjoy the following benefits:

  • Traders do not need to deposit money into the account.

  • Funded capital from FXCE (1 million Cent for each account).

  • Allowance to copy any accounts on FXCE Social Trading Platform.

  • Allowance to copy signals of your own personal accounts (EA integration is possible to close orders automatically).


18 accounts selected for CopyTrading Star Round 2 will officially start competing from February 19, 2023 to May 19, 2023 (within 3 months).

Chance To Become Fund Manager

Besides the final CopyTrading Star award of 5,000 FXCE Tokens, you will also have the chance to become a million-dollar ETF manager. This is one and only chance for traders who excel at capital management. Top 5 finalists will get a ticket to become a potential ETF manager.

ETFs have a diversified portfolio structure of different asset classes, as long as they provide long-term value. 

ETFs offer long-term value thanks to a diversified portfolio structure of different asset classes. At FXCE, Fund Managers have a wide range of CopyTrade portfolios and you can name your own ETF. This fund certificate is the key to help you open the door of opportunity for yourself in demonstrating your true ability and potential.


To ensure your account is not disqualified and has a good performance, please follow the requirements of CopyTrading Star Round 2 below:

  • Maximum Equity Drawdown: 8%

  • Copytrade only (Any orders opening or closing is not accepted)

  • Investors can close the entire orders of 1 signal by CopyTrade Engine.

  • Investors will be required to pay your own fees when buying CopyTrade signals.

  • Any orders entered before the date of the Contest (February 19, 2023), you will be disqualified immediately.


Getting into CopyTrading Round 2, you must be a potential trader and put in a lot of effort for the contest. Please continue to promote your abilities and strengths to become an ETF Manager in this final round. For any reason, if you cannot participate in Round 2, there’s a lot of other opportunities and competitions waiting for you. Until then, never stop upgrading your skill. Good luck to all!


*The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Participant that is found or suspected of performing foregoing exploits without prior notice. And, in any case, the organizer’s decision is final.