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Discover FXCE's W-Chart - Transform the Way You Invest!
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W-Chart is an essential tool that provides investors with a comprehensive view of any trader by examining past trades directly on the chart. This enables you to make accurate analyses before starting to copy or invest in a potential account.

Highlights of W-Chart

  1.  Integration of Diverse Indicators and Charts: W-Chart is not just a regular analysis tool. It integrates over 70 indicators, 10 types of charts, all forex products, 9 popular timeframes, and hundreds of drawing tools, enhancing technical analysis capabilities for investors.
                                                                    Analytical tools supported by W-Chart
  2. View Order History of Masters: W-Chart allows you to view detailed order histories of Masters with public accounts on FXCE directly on the chart. This helps you evaluate the methods and operations of traders during their trading process.
                                                                  Order history of Masters displayed on W-Chart
  3. Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Display: Designed with the goal of being intuitive and user-friendly, W-Chart helps you quickly grasp information and make smart investment decisions.

Powerful Tools Provided by TradingView: W-Chart utilizes charts and technical analysis tools from TradingView, the world's leading platform. This provides the ability to track minute-by-minute price movements, continuously update important economic indicators, and use a variety of advanced analytical tools. Learn more about TradingView.

Key Features of TradingView

  • Detailed XAUUSD price chart tracking: Analyze trends and forecasts. Don't forget to follow news related to XAUUSD.
  • Comprehensive DXY trading guide: Learn how to trade DXY, how to buy DXY, and other aspects such as what the DXY index is. You can also learn how to use the DXY chart to track the value of this index daily.
  • Live updates on Dow Jones Futures charts: Track market fluctuations with Dow Jones live futures and see the futures contract index of Dow Jones to understand the US market movements.
  • Effective stock screener: Use powerful stock filters to find potential stocks before the market opens. You can learn how to set up stock filters and save your favorite settings.
  • Economic calendar Tracking: Stay updated on important economic events and understand their impact on the market.
  • Utilize Additional Analysis Tools such as the stock screener: Enhance your ability to search for stocks and financial products suitable for your investment strategy through a diverse filter system.

How to Use W-Chart

  1. Find the Master account you need to analyze in "Top Masters"
  2. On the account display, select "History" and then choose "W-Chart"
  3. On the W-Chart display, select the orders you want to redraw and click "Draw X lines"
  4. You can now freely analyze or add necessary tools to the W-Chart.


Explore and experience the W-Chart feature at FXCE now. This is an indispensable tool for professional investors who want to make smarter and more strategic investment decisions. With W-Chart, you will not only be able to monitor and analyze trades in detail and accurately but also leverage advanced analysis tools from TradingView. This helps you easily adapt to market fluctuations and make wise investment decisions. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your investment efficiency. Visit now and experience W-Chart to see the difference!