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FXCE wishes to bring the best experience and features to users through quality products. Therefore, we have designed an EA library for the community to use - a technology contribution from FXCE. Particularly, the entire EA library we provide is completely free, and anyone can access and use it.

EA Library | Discover hundreds of well-made EAs 

GigaFactory - To set up EA simply 

GigaFactory is a tool that allows traders to set up automated trading systems (EAs) without programming knowledge. With just a few simple steps, you can design your own EA with your desired criteria. Or you can refer to a few EAs created from GigaFactory such as Little Early Bird, NoiseRevert, BomIT, A3C-AN, etc.

Kazan - To minimize risk of trading

Each EA setting is based on a certain trading system. Kazan is an EA developed for fund management and risk reduction. This is the goal that Kazan is striving to achieve. FXCE EA Team has continuously updated to make Kazan more and more productive on both MT4 and MT5 platforms. 

Follow trend - To lead the market trend

As its name suggests, Follow trend is an EA to identify and trade with market trends. It is developed by analyzing the beginning and the end of a trend, and then quickly entering orders and effectively exiting them. When the trend has been determined, traders will easily follow it to earn profits. Also based on this trading method, FXCE has designed a series of relevant EAs to add to the collection.

Pullback & Breakout - To be suitable for market volatility

Pullback is a system designed to be more fitting with the price going against the main trend (either increase or decrease) that has been established before in order to correct the price before going back to the old trend. 

The opposite of Pullback is Breakout. This is the phenomenon of price breaking out of an important price area that it has maintained for a certain time before. After a successful breakout, the market tends to follow the breakout direction. 

MQL5 open-source Library 

This library allows you to use available open-source code designed by FXCE's team of professional EA programmers. We provide the most useful tools to save your time and effort for programming. 

This library serves the purpose of making it accessible to everyone in our ecosystem anytime, anywhere. With the numerous benefits of this library you can easily do the following:

  • MQL5 open source helps analyze charts and trading rules.

  • Technical indicators with basic mathematical models.

  • Order action one time in MT5.

  • Free download, run and test MT5.

You can develop your own automatic trading application based on our available code. Depending on your trading principles, management style and habits, choose the right combination of codes to create an EA that integrates into your investment. 

Indicator library

Indicator is an option that allows the user to set the conditions related to the Indicator. The best and most popular indicators are curated by FXCE's team of experts so you can choose the right one for your trading strategy. Use these technical indicators to analyze the market and optimize the trading system. 


Regardless of your style and how you plan to trade, technical analysis can not complete without quality indicators. In addition to the classified categories, FXCE also creates, regulates and develops many other indicators. 

Although we strive to develop these programmers to improve trading efficiency, FXCE can not guarantee that you will definitely make a profit by using them. Trading leveraged financial instruments such as forex, commodities, indices and other products come with risks. You may lose part or all of your initial investment.


After all, we constantly want the community to access FXCE not only for trading but also as a resource for other practical trading tools. With that mission, the EA library was created to make it easy for anyone to access and use EA completely free.

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