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Enhance Your Investment Experience With Different Trading Forms
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Forex is a financial investment channel chosen by many traders all around the world due to its attractive profit. Like other investment channels, forex also has many trading forms besides the usual spot trading.

If you have been in the market long enough, you probably want to find new trading forms to invest besides traditional ways. Moreover, trying the new solutions may help you increase the trading time from 9-to-5 to 24/7 due to passive trading. 

In this article, FXCE would like to suggest to investors some new options of trading forms to help you be able to gain more profits and enhance the experience of investment in an enjoyable way but still accumulate more knowledge for yourself.

Overview Of Popular Forex Trading Ways

The most common forex trading ways from beginners to seasoned traders include:

  • Futures Contract: To create a plan to buy or sell a certain asset at a specified price on a future date based on the risk management ability of the trader.

  • Options Contract: Allows a trader to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price on the contract expiration date. This is a rather complicated product that depends on many factors from current price, market volatility, expiration date, etc.

  • Forex Trading Funds: ETFs are the most common type that allows traders to choose and allocate funds to invest in multiple categories, currency pairs, products or masters.

  • Spot Market (Cash Market): Traders will be present in the official market on your behalf. Currency pairs are instantly traded at current prices and are open 24 hours.

Put On Scale Some Of Popular Trading Forms

You don’t have to change the trading way from contracts to spot or vice versa to get used to the new form. With any way of trading, there are still options for different trading forms for traders to choose and trade.

1. Manual Trading VS. EA Automated Trading


Manual trading 

EA System


  • Ensure profitability because there is a lot of research time

  • Bigger breakouts can be made with higher leverage at the right time

  • Diverse options. Many platforms allow to set up EA without knowing the code

  • Control trading psychology well, avoid FOMO or transient emotions

  • Help manage capital effectively, set time to enter and exit orders, identify new trends or adjust strategies


  • Only a certain number of currency pairs can be traded in one timeframe

  • Requires discipline and high analytical knowledge

  • Needs constant monitoring

  • Not for beginners because it is necessary to understand the indicators well to be able to set conditions for the EA

  • Do not make too many account breakthroughs. Most EA users use it for the purpose of generating regular passive income

EA trading robot (also known as EA robot, expert advisor and bot trader) is a form of trading using software that allows users to execute trading orders automatically. Based on the previously set conditions, EA will automatically look for opportunities to execute trades and bring in profits.

In contrast, manual trading puts traders in the real-time market, so the requirements of fundamental and advanced technical analysis are more focused. It also helps traders have better management of their accounts against any market fluctuations and volatility. In addition, this trading form creates more opportunities for breakout profit.

In general, depending on the safety level you focus on, how much time you can spend, each trader can choose the appropriate trading forms to optimize profits. You can also combine these two forms for optimal efficiency.

However, always remember that capital management is a key point in every trading market. You can find some of the popular mistakes of traders in this article.

2. Trading By Yourself VS. Copytrade





  • Have greater responsibility to invest and learn a lot for yourself

  • Simple operation and does not take much time

  • Suitable for all traders from novice to professional

  • Create opportunities for both masters and suppliers, keeping the market vibrant


  • It's easy to make heavy losses when you don't have much experience

  • Risk of strong market volatility

  • Too many choices, it is necessary to have a mindset to set out the criteria for choosing the right master

Copytrade is a form that copies part or the whole of the orders of another trading account (master) in order to take profit from the outstanding strategy of the person you choose to copy. Like the robot EA, copytrade is also a method of entrusting another party to trade on your behalf, so what you need to pay attention to is choosing the right master to whom you copy the order.

Meanwhile, self-trading gives you the freedom to make your own predictions about what's going on in the economy. However, this requires the responsibility of consistent knowledge update to be able to keep up with the masters from the copytrade platform.

You can use a demo account for copytrade to track, then compare the results and decide which one is more profitable and suits your style, or you can combine all the trading forms. When reaching a certain level and experience, a trader is completely capable of becoming a master for himself.

Though bringing a lot of benefits, elimination of manual trading is not a good advice to take. Being balanced among trading forms and ways would be the best solution to get every lesson from each one. 

New Suggestions

In addition to comparing the most common trading forms, one of the interesting suggestions that any trader can add to his or her investing activities is to participate in trading contests.

When a demo account will give you knowledge but not real profits, or you want to test new strategies but don't have a big capital, participating in trading contests is the perfect solution. You can both comfortably practice your knowledge and experience, and can continue to learn from other competitors and receive rewards.

Today, there are many playing fields in all trading forms for talented investors, from capital management, margin trading, copytrade to building EA robots. Note that depending on the nature of the contest, you may be required to deposit money or pay an entry fee.

Information about FXCE Giga and Copytrading Star contests can be found through blog posts on FXCE's official website here. Contests which are invested and deeply researched by FXCE Team and attract the trading community with many prizes and investment opportunities.


Through all the above comparisons and suggestions, hopefully you have pocketed yourself more knowledge to choose the right trading forms, increase your trading experience and optimize your profit and income. 

Please understand that any trading forms carry certain risks and that no strategy will guarantee 100% returns over time. What you need to take care of is choosing the strategy that best suits your trading style through pros and cons analysis.

If you have any questions about the contest, have trouble creating EA Giga, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact FXCE through the channels: