FXCE Arena: To create and enter thousand global trading contests
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Recently, FXCE Arena, aggregating diverse attractive trading contests, was officially released. This is an important stepping stone for FXCE to connect more and more traders & brokers in our Social Trading Platform (STP). “Administer the game” and “Conquer the challenge” are important keywords when it comes to this platform.

So, what is FXCE Arena? What kind of potential does it offer? Find out the details right here!

What is FXCE Arena?

FXCE Arena is the arena of FXCE users. This caters to trading contests of all scales and formats, which means unlimited ability to organize or take part in a contest.

02 main target audiences of FXCE Arena:

  • Organizer (Trader/Broker/Anyone):
    Create contests right on the platform with various options of scale and rule
  • Participant (Trader):
    Compete in a list of available contests with prize pools donated by anyone

We connect the community on FXCE Arena through the Lobby. It’s a dashboard that aggregates ongoing contests created by the organizers. Participants can explore and select favorite tournaments to conquer.

Organize trading challenges

For the Organizers, creating a contest on FXCE Arena offers limitless potential as they are provided with a lot of options. It ranges from general participation rules, round criteria to prize structure, especially the ability to install Trader’s Guard for the participating account. All these conditions are encapsulated in a single organizing process.

And, the cost is extremely low (currently 10 $FXCE ~ $1.5 to activate) for all (from organization to the Lobby propaganda and awarding). Users do not significantly spend anything to create a contest, other than the expected prize to attract traders to join.

Various possible customization

A good example of various ways to create a contest is to limit participants. There are 04 ways to limit contestants on FXCE Arena: identity verification (KYC), number of participants, number of accounts/user, and invite-only mode. Just with the number of participants and invite-only mode, you are able to organize at least 3 different contests:

  • Public Contest (Invite-only mode off)
  • Private Contest (Invite-only mode on)
  • 1vs1 Battle (Invite-only mode on/Limit number of participants)

Also, the prize structure can be divided into multiple categories or rounds. Contest creators are provided with ranking options (for example, by profit or gain) and a proportion for each prize.

In addition, there are so many other kinds of contests available for the organizers to explore! Therefore, FXCE Arena is expected to be a familiar venue for trading contests in the financial community.

See how to initiate a contest here!

Advantageous for global brokers

Most global brokers regularly hold trading contests as a part of their marketing plan. However, the costs of organizing a contest (planning, propagating, administering, and awarding) will be prohibitively expensive. We have not even mentioned the lengthy and cumbersome process.

FXCE Arena, therefore, will be the optimal choice for these brokers as it enables contests for partner accounts. An exchange partner of FXCE attracts a significant number of traders, at the same time, organizing a large-scale contest is incredibly simplified.

  • Mitigate the cost of marketing for exchange and contest
  • Extremely low organizing cost regardless of the contest scale
  • Automate the entire process after creating a contest
  • Reach and attract traders from FXCE to participate

Follow these social media to keep up with the first very contests by the partner exchanges on the FXCE Arena.

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Conquer trading contests

Win great prizes

Another USP of FXCE Arena is the community-donated prize. The total prize pool includes the donation and the participation fee (if any) minus the commission for the organizer (if applicable, up to 50% of the participation fee). In addition to the organizer, anyone can donate to the prize pool.

As a result, the total prize pool for any contest may exceed the organizer’s expectations. I can even be much higher if attracting well-off donors.

The prize structure is calculated in proportion to the total prize pool instead of fixed numbers. Traders have a chance to compete for increasing prizes as users are able to donate throughout the contest.

Prove your talent

Founder of FXCE revealed earlier about this product: “Any conflict or drama should stop, take a challenge match!”

FXCE Arena is the easiest and fairest tool to create a 1vs1 battle between 2 traders (by limiting participants). The system records the exact trading results, then the winner will get all prizes. The battles between different teams or trading styles can also be organized similarly.

Traders have another place to prove themselves and be recognized among many other ones. In addition to the Top Traders on STP, our community, especially investors, can also look for talents from the contest rankings. More opportunities may come your way beyond prizes and fame!

In a word

FXCE Arena is a trading contest creation platform, which also aggregates ongoing contests. Do you want to organize a public contest or just a simple private challenge? Do you want to show off your strength and conquer exciting tournaments? All are integrated into just one platform on FXCE. Discover FXCE Arena here!