FXCE Filter: A Feature You May Not Know - Part 2
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In Part 1, you have customized yourself with a satisfactory filter from the first 5 criteria of FXCE Filter. Let's explore the next 5 interesting Criteria below.


Introducing FXCE Filters

On the Top Traders page, you will easily find the “Create filter” section with 10 diverse criteria and over 200 different reviews. Let's start with the first 5 criteria that FXCE would like to share today.

FXCE Filter

Besides this feature, you will also find “Sort” according to 8 specific criteria, easy to use and quick to filter.

To get started, go to the FXCE Home page, select “Create filter” and proceed to set the name of your filter.

After naming, let's explore each evaluation criterion and choose the most suitable Traders for you!

  1. Profit

This is the criterion that will show the total profit that a Trader has made in a certain period of time. In more detail, this Filter will allow Investors to look up 9 criteria:

  • Current profit:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Last profits:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Total profit 

  1. Growth

You can look up the Trader's % growth in detail over a certain period of time. Moreover, you can also look up Risk Ratio to filter out low-risk Traders.

  • Current growth:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Last growth:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Risk and Reward ratio:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  1. Investor's status

The Investor Filter is also considered one of the most important criteria for the Investor/Signal Copier. You will be able to look up all the most important information about the Master providing the signal. Specifically as:

  • Quantity: Investors/ Investment/ ETFs

  • Profit: Investors/ Investment/ ETFs

  • Interest: Investors/ ETFs

  1. Drawdown

Drawdown Filter is probably the most used criterion for risk managers. In this criterion, the filter will allow you to analyze data related to the Drawdown. You can find the best risk management trader by combining time with your Drawdown Filter.

  • Balance Drawdown:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Equity Drawdown:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  • Floating Drawdown:

    • Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year

  1.  Page Limit

The last criterion allows you to select Traders in a fixed number of sites. This also helps provide information about Trader quickly and intuitively.

Tip: “Adding Criteria” you can combine the above 5 criteria together and customize the parameters to suit your wishes.

All In One

Specifically, you can combine the above 5 criteria into a perfect filter. As a result of the diversity and close coherence between the criteria, users will be able to find potential traders.


The FXCE Filter is a collection of 10 criteria that will allow you to tap into a trader's potential data. As a result, you can analyze and find traders that match the selected criteria. This will be of great value, the Community can reach potential Traders in the future.

Practice now and create your own filters => FXCE Top Traders page

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