FXCE Filter: A Feature You May Not Know - Part 1
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So far, FXCE ecosystem has been bringing a variety of products and features that are well-received by the Community. An essential feature but less mentioned that strengthens the Social Trading Platform is FXCE Filter. Along with other elements of Trading Analysis and Copytrade Engine, users can reach a higher level of social trading or even a social network in the future. Let's discover FXCE Filter right below!


What is FXCE filter?

“Filters'' allow you to analyze a trader's potential data. The selection criteria by Exchange, FXCE Score or Growth, and Drawdown statistics are all proven openly and transparently.

You can personalize the filter FXCE offers by customizing the criteria. And, the filter result will be a list of traders that suit your own needs. Finally, you have a choice to either make an investment or "Learn" from these experienced traders.

Introducing FXCE Filters

On the Top Traders page, you will easily find the “Create filter” section with 10 diverse criteria and over 200 different reviews. Let's start with the first 5 criteria that FXCE would like to share today.

Besides this feature, you will also find “Sort” based on 8 specific criteria, easy to use and quick to filter.

To get started, go to the FXCE Top Traders page, select “Create filter” and proceed to set the name of your filter.

After naming, let's explore each evaluation criterion and choose the most suitable Traders for you!

  1. Contract 

The Contract Filter has up to 28 evaluation criteria, including:

  • Currency Pairs: Trading Products

  • Total daily/weekly/monthly loss

  • Risk per order/account (in %)

  • Minimum/maximum assets

  • Order entry time / Order hold date

  • Asset Decline or Float by day/week/month (in %)

  • Order in same time/pairs

  • Daily/weekly/monthly orders

  • Min/Max volume per order

Note: You can customize the parameters to suit your taste, or combine with other criteria by selecting “Add Criteria” to find the best traders.

  1. Overview

  • Balance ($): Enter the maximum balance you want to search

  • Traded all time (week): The Maximum Number of weeks this Trader traded

  • Trading account level

  • Number of trades: The total number of orders that this Trader trades

  • Number of trades current week/ month/quarter/year

  1. FXCE Score

1. Experience: Assessed based on trading sessions, trading volume, the number of orders... In general, the higher the stability, the higher the experience score.

2. Profit: If you want a high-profit score, you need to maintain profit stability.

3. Risk Management: Assessed based on the order entry and exit. Setting takes profit and stop-loss prices are clearly the top priority of risk management.

4. Discipline: Assessed based on the compliance of the trading strategy which includes three factors: the number of orders per week, trading sessions, and symbol. 

5. Patience: Compare and evaluate all orders' entry time and exit times.

Note: The maximum FXCE score input parameters are 100.

  1. Exchange

The exchange allows you to filter out account lines such as:

  • FXCE MT5-Live

  • FXCE MT5-Cent

  • FXCE MT5-Demo

  • Partner accounts

  1. Signal

At this criterion, you can change and enter the parameters related to trading signals (in FXCE Token) along with the “Signal duration (days)”. You can also filter out accounts that are selling signals or not.

Note that “Signals Free” accounts will enter zero as input.

The Perfect Filter

Specifically, you can combine the above 5 criteria into a perfect filter. As a result of the diversity and close coherence between the criteria, users will be able to find potential traders.


The FXCE filter aggregates the criteria, allowing you to tap into a trader's potential data. Thanks to that, you can analyze and find traders that match the selected criteria. This will be of great value so that the Community can approach potential Traders in the future.

Practice now and create your own filters => FXCE Top Traders page

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