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W-Charts - Overview of trading analysis and evaluation tool at FXCE
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W-Charts FXCE

With the spirit of continuous development, FXCE always wants to bring modern and convenient technology products. 2023 can be called a special and impressive year for FXCE, with a series of new features updated and products launched. 

Today FXCE brings you a new tool - W-Charts - among the newly updated products and features. This tool will help analyze transactions more effectively, providing investors with a more general view of any trader before investing.  Read the article now for more information about W-Charts.

What's special about the W-Charts feature on the FXCE platform?

W-Charts FXCE

The main interface of the W-Charts feature

On the FXCE trading platform, investors can rely on many parameters and factors to evaluate a trader's potential. You can view FXCE scores, Traders 'Guard indicators, profitability, and trading times. However, to further support new investors in analyzing transactions more easily, FXCE has continued to launch the W-Charts product.

This can be seen as a set of integrated indicators and charts, displayed in an easy-to-see, scientific, and comprehensive way. You can rate each of your favorite traders as Top Traders or traders in your own favorites list. Based on that, you will have more basis for making investment decisions.

In addition, you can also view a set of indicators displayed in visual graph form, and the time can also be customized from 1 day up to 5 years. To use this feature, you can access it here:

Some outstanding features of FXCE W-Charts

Diverse visual charts and in-depth analysis tools

This is one of the highlights of W-Charts when it integrates many chart types, meeting many different types of traders.  You can choose the display chart according to your personal habits and preferences, including candlestick charts, columns, lines, lines with markers, step lines, areas, and more. So you don't need any intermediaries to be able to view the parameters.

There are lots of indicators

FXCE's products are created with the enthusiasm of the entire team and the desire to support traders in the best way possible. With this W-Charts product, FXCE wants to bring the most convenience to investors. With more than 90 different types of indicators, notable ones include the Bollinger indicator, RSI, various volatility indicators, etc. This will meet all needs as well as all personal strategies of investors.

Multiple timeframes

You can also customize different timelines, from 1 minute to up to 5 years, when using W-Charts. So whether you are a long-term or short-term investor, you can track the chart according to your strategy in a variety of time frames.

Friendly, smart interface

W-Charts FXCE

W-Charts is integrated with many different settings, so you can completely customize and personalize your charts. Thus, each investor can turn W-Charts into an observation tool.

W-Charts FXCE

In addition, other components can also be easily installed, making your observation process much more convenient.

Instructions for using the W-Charts tool

Step 1: Select the account you want to view. You can search by Top Trader's name or quickly select your favorite group

W-Charts FXCE

Step 2: Choose the same transaction code as Top Trader

W-Charts FXCE

Step 3: Click on each command to follow

W-Charts FXCE

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Overall, the W-Charts tool will help investors have a better overview of traders before investing or copying orders. This helps limit risks and predict future possibilities. This is a tool combined with Top Traders at the FXCE trading platform, making it more convenient for you in the trader evaluation process. Excellent traders on Top Traders can also use W-Charts to reflect on their trading journey.

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