FXCE White Paper
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FXCE White Paper



Market Overview

The Forex (FX), the foreign exchange market, is a global decentralized exchange of currencies. It is the largest financial market in the world in terms of trading volume, liquidity, and market value. The estimated worth of the entire global forex market, which was $1934 trillion in 2016, increased to $2409 trillion in 2019.

While 170 currency pairs have been traded in the world, 68% of forex trading volume takes place in 7 major currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/ USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and NZD/USD.

At the top of the hierarchy, financial institutions like Commercial Banks, Central Banks, investment funds, and multinational corporations are the biggest investors in the market. Retail traders account for a small number ~ 5.5% of the entire global Forex market. About 45% are 25-34 years old and 12.4% are women.

FX Market Evolution

The forex market has witnessed a global revolution in the past few years. Looking back over the past 10 years, it has grown exponentially. In 2008, $48 trillion was traded in the forex market. Today, the number is almost $80 trillion, with 50% growth.

According to BIS, the market's daily volume reached a whopping $6.6 trillion in April 2019, which surpassed the largest stock exchanges like NASDAQ with a $200 billion daily trading volume.

FXCE White Paper

Due to Covid-19, in the past 2 years, the traditional markets have been affected by fluctuations and recessions. However, the Forex market keeps basically unaffected. Even, the fluctuations in the prices of foreign currencies contributed to the operation and development of the foreign exchange market in the meantime.

Several trading broker reports have shown that trading volume in the FX market from March to June 2020 has taken a significant step forward, increasing by ~300% year-over-year.

This growth rate is even more pronounced in developing countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Their new trading accounts make up 60% of global ones.

Growth forecast

The global forex market is predicted to grow annually by around 7.5% from 2021 to 2026 (according to ResearchAndMarkets.com).

Retail traders' difficulties and challenges 

According to Daily Forex, 80% of Forex retail trader surveyees are not successful. The data also shows that most profitable traders had a 4-year experience of losses before they could build successful trading plans for themselves. Most traders enter the market to win without much experience. As the chart below, after 4 years, only 8% can survive in the market.

FXCE White Paper

Like crypto and the stock market, retail and new traders all have difficulties accessing the markets they invest in. Here are some common ones:

  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of knowledge and information update
  • Lack of discipline and good trading system
  • Lack of capital and capital allocation skill
  • Lack of protection from risks of trading
  • Inaccessible to investors

Traders’ challenges

The market becomes more complex to monitor and analyze when the macroeconomic policy is constantly altered and the quickness of technology affects traders' behavior.

Change in the working environment and lifestyle due to Covid makes trading psychology far less stable and consistent, especially when the costs of trading are significant. Access to the financial industry with limited experience, knowledge, and time is such a barrier for newcomers.


With +15 years of Founder's experience and a talented young team in the industry, FXCE has been committed to transparency and honesty in making the best trading tools for clients.

  • Transparency is the nucleus 

We aim to be the first choice for both Copytrading novices and experts. 

  • Innovation in technology

FXCE strives to ensure that our technology products always keep updating. We try hard to maintain a steady system to help clients achieve efficiency and the most impressive trading experience.


We aim to bring a whole new experience for traders. We keep innovating and upgrading for traders to apply their trading methods and strategies freely and deliver trading results beyond expectations - through our platform. 

Leading-edge technology, high-speed execution, stability, and transparency system are ready to serve.

Market picture

Nowadays, trading with Expert Advisor (EA) is more popular due to the variable customization and flexible creation, with all the essential features to automatically trade with the configuration of the trader. FXCE Giga is an innovative tool to create EA without coding. 

And the people who want to invest in traders with steady returns and growth (by the FXCE Analysis tool), we offer CopyTrade Engine as an effective investment tool.


Trader's Guard

A commitment between a trader and the FXCE system about his trading plan and risk management. Commitment terms are processed by the system without the intervention of a third party.

Diversified terms for traders to set up and modify to fit themselves. Compliance with Trader's Guard means you trade and manage the risk by following the trading plan.

When creating Trader's Guard, the trader decides how the system handles violations of the committed terms. This is to compel the trader to execute orders within a suitable risk management plan. 

Copytrade Engine

FXCE connects you with a community of top traders screened for specific standards. Investors can apply multi-investment types to yield stable returns. FXCE offers a wide range of investment options to conform to the needs and orientations of most investors.


A powerful tool to create EA (Expert Advisor) without programming.

Digital Bank

A Peer-to-peer lending solution connects users' credit demands in the FXCE ecosystem.

FXCE offers a great number of comprehensive financial services that will stimulate dynamic capital flow. Therefore, we witness typical credit demands within our ecosystem. Taking advantage of developed security, P2P LENDING (DIGITAL BANK) is where these demands meet each other. Lenders can get extra passive returns besides savings and investing, while borrowers can quickly access appropriate loans with competitive terms.

FXCE Arena

A p2p platform to organize and participate in trading contests. Anyone can be an organizer, who may choose to profit by creating attractive and diverse trading contests. There are no limits here, from the scale to the prize. You can absolutely make your own 1vs1 battle or more and get donations from the community.

Click Create Contest button and set the rules, you are ready to create your own game. 

  • Unlimited scope
  • Unlimited prizes
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited number of contests  


FXCE White Paper

We will burn the rest Old Tokens (a total supply of 1 billion $FXCE) and process the New Tokens - a total supply of 300,000,000 $FXCE.

To reach more new users, promote the development of FXCE Social Trading widely and recognize valuable community contributions through rewards according to the policy.

To facilitate 3rd parties such as decentralized applications, towards the unlimited ecosystem expansion.

Means of payment

FXCE Token is a cryptocurrency used in the FXCE Social Trading ecosystem. Ecosystem users can pay fees, receive rewards and use tokens to perform governance by voting on the orientation of the social network built by FXCE.

FXCE Social Trading ecosystem is not only for experts but also for any trader with a good trading history recorded on the FXCE Social Trading platform.

FXCE Token Payment Use Cases:

  • Pay a fee to copy Top Traders’ Signals
  • Pay Lending Fee on Digital Bank
  • Buy Power Block (lottery program) tickets 
  • Join P2P trading contests on Colosseum
  • Play games on FXCE Social Network
  • Stake FXCE token to get yields


FXCE Token is used to reward all activities that contribute value to the ecosystem such as:

  • Quality report translation, research, and reporting.
  • ~1M FXCE tokens/Powerblock prize.
  • Rebate for the trades.


  • Token holders are entitled to vote for future FXCE Social activities.
  • Token holders have the right to propose product development and upgrades.
  • Token Holders, staking enough tokens to reach equivalent VIP levels, will unlock many advanced features in the FXCE Social Trading.


We will burn the rest of FXCE Tokens (a total supply of 1 billion $FXCE) and the new total supply is 300,000,000 $FXCE. FXCE White Paper

Total supply: 300M FXCE Token

  1. Private Sale: 190M - 63.33% (Unlocked)

  2. Public Sale: 10M - 3.33% (Unlocked)

  3.  Incentives: 100M - 33.33% (Linear Vesting)

Total: 300M - 100%

Incentives include:

A. Staking Reward: 50M - 16.66% (Linear unlock)

B. Operating: 50M - 16.66%


+ Power Block: 10M - 3.33% (Unlocked)

+ Airdrop: 1M - 0.33% (By PowerBlock ticket)

+ Marketing: 39M - 13% (Unlocked)

  • Community Contributes (Translate, Signals, ...)
  • Listing/Liquidity
  • Marketing

Private Sale: 0.1$ | Public Sale: 0.13$

*Old FXCE tokens on the Tron network which were airdropped to users previously will be swapped to New FXCE tokens on BEP20 by depositing into the FXCE account and confirming the swap with the BEP20 wallet address. FXCE Token (New) & Smart contract: Update soon.


FXCE White Paper

The number of active users on FXCE Social Trading has shown impressive interest in using our services so far. We will continue expansion, development, and marketing plans in 2023-2025 to promote Social Trading products like EA and FXCE ARENA with the goal of 100,000 active users.

FXCE White Paper

Development Plan 2023-2025

  • Continue to develop trading tools and upgrade FXCE Giga, FXCE ARENA, etc.

  • Partner with leading brokers to engage users of our trading tools.

  • Update Trader's Guard, Copytrade Engine, and Trading Analysis with grading and filtering features for ETFs.

  • Launch Token Administration Dashboard for users to stake and vote.

  • Bridge cross-chain to other networks


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