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Introducing the Market Tracker Chart Group on MT5
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📈 Introducing the Market Tracker Chart Group on MT5 📉

FXCE introduces a new set of indices to assist users in analyzing the gold market and monitoring interest rates of various countries on MT5.

📈 [Gold Market] 📉

📌 GLDVOL - SPDR's Gold Holding Volatility: Tracking the fluctuations in SPDR Gold Trust's gold reserves (GLD).

📌 GLD - SPDR® Gold Shares: Stock price of SPDR.

📌 GOLDEX - Intrinsic Gold Value Index: A measure of the true value of gold.


📈 [Interest Rates] 📉

📌 USINTR - United States Interest Rate: U.S. interest rate.

📌 JPINTR - Japan Interest Rate: Japanese interest rate.

📌 CAINTR - Canada Interest Rate: Canadian interest rate.

📌 NZINTR - New Zealand Interest Rate: New Zealand interest rate.

📌 AUINTR - Australia Interest Rate: Australian interest rate.

📌 UKINTR - United Kingdom Interest Rate: UK interest rate.

📌 EUINTR - Euro Area Interest Rate: Eurozone interest rate.

📌 CHINTR - Switzerland Interest Rate: Swiss interest rate.


Please note: The chart group is for reference only, and users cannot execute trades based on these charts.

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