Announcement & Update
New Updates - 18/12/2023
1 min read

1. Update Report Page

From now on, customers can filter transactions by time, transaction type, and view the total amount traded based on the selected filters.

You can search for transactions accordings to the Wallet, Type, and Date and Time filters.

The search result after applying filters would be like:

2. Update Demo Direct Account Creation Screen

  • Update the criteria that customers will commit to, including Trading Tool, Symbol, Order, Volume, and Risk.
  • The Equity Drawdown defaults to 15%.
  • Customers can set their own account lockout period if they violate commitments in Trader’s Guard.

3. Sending Direct Program Notifications via Telegram

Announcements regarding capital allocation, capital increase, and profit distribution activities of the Direct program will be publicly posted on the FXCE Social Trading Vietnam Telegram group for the trader community to follow.