Announcement & Update
New Updates - 5/12/2023
1 min read

1. License update for Trading Accounts

Your trading accounts will be updated with SVGFSA licenses according to the FXCE LLC policy, aiming to enhance legal compliance and transparency. If you do not respond within the 30-day period since the initial notification has been sent, your accounts will be automatically updated with SVGFSA licenses and continue to operate as normal. For creating new accounts, you still need to confirm the license update.

2. Display of PnL in the account list

You can easily track the account status with PnL (PnL = Equity - Balance) displayed directly in the trading account list.

3. Backtest Calculator 

The Backtest Calculator tool assists in calculating and providing results for essential parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of the EA. Experience at

4. Update on the regulations for creating manual Demo Direct account

For manual Demo Direct account, each customer is only allowed to create one account. To create an additional account, customers need to delete both the existing manual Demo Direct account and the Direct account issued based on that Demo Direct account (if any).

This regulation does not impact the creation of Demo Direct accounts using an EA.

5. Improvements to Account Statistics section

The Account Statistics section has been updated with the information on the quantity of equity allocated to each account type as well as their respective distribution ratios. This provides customers with an overview of how their equity are distributed among different account types.