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New updates: Master account correlation analysis
1 min read

The Master Account Correlation Comparison Tool is a valuable tool that helps users evaluate and select suitable Masters for copy trading or investment strategies.

This tool analyzes the trading history of at least two different Master accounts and generates a correlation coefficient ranging from -1 to 1. Specifically:

  • Correlation score > 0: The accounts are similar; the closer to 1, the greater the similarity.

  • Correlation score < 0: The accounts are different; the closer to -1, the greater the difference.

  • No correlation score: One of the Masters did not have any changes during the comparison period.

Through its display metrics, this tool facilitates easy identification of correlation levels and allows users to simultaneously evaluate multiple accounts to find the most suitable strategy. It also offers flexibility in selecting timeframes for analyzing the trading performance of Masters, thereby helping users accurately and effectively optimize their investment returns.

How to Use the Master Account Correlation Comparison Tool

  1. Select the Master you want to compare from the "Top Masters" list.

  2. On the Master's account interface, choose "Backtest Investment"

  3. Select "Correlation" to navigate to the correlation comparison interface, then click "Select account to compare"

  4. Find the Master you want to compare, tick the box, and click "Compare"

  5. Adjust the comparison timeframe for the Masters and view the results below.