EA | Next Trading Gen 2023
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EA | Next Trading Gen 2023


EA | Next Trading Gen 2023 FXCE

Contest Overview

Kick-off April with the first EA-exclusive competition at FXCE Arena. As a leading provider of automated trading technology, FXCE is pleased to present a large-scale contest to the global EA community.

Welcome to the EA Arena exclusive at FXCE!

Competition size

Scope of Organization: The contest is held on FXCE Arena, open to all registrants and an unlimited number of registered accounts/users.

Participants: The community of traders, who have been using EAs or want to automate their systems with EAs, have a chance to compete.

How to Participate

How to register

Register directly here at the contest homepage on FXCE Arena. Start preparing EA now and stay tuned!

Registration Time

There is no deadline for registration, from the announcement of the registration page to the end of the contest. However, the Forex market always needs you to be ready to seize opportunities and accumulate for the long term. We still recommend that you have your EA prepared to start participating as soon as possible.


The contest will start on April 3, 2023, and end on June 30, 2023. (within 3 months)

General rules

Participating accounts

  • Select FXCE Live or Cent account option in line with EA's trading strategy.


  • Trade with 100% EA

  • Traders can close the orders manually

  • No Balance regulations

  • Unlimited use of externally purchased EA

  • Do not use EA CopyTrade

  • Trader's Guard:

    • Terms Settings: Risk up to 2%

    • Handling Violation: Lock account for 4 hours

Eligibility Note

Traders will be disqualified from the contest if any of the following behaviors are observed:

  • Manual entry or EA with a semi-auto mechanism

  • All-in trading and not following risk management

  • Using EA from Giga Collection (If EA is not your own)

  • Using EA CopyTrade

In addition, Hedge trading, Arbitrage, any form of price error exploitation, or abnormal profits are prohibited.

*The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any contestant upon detection or suspicion of committing any of the above violations or exploitations without prior notice. In all cases, the decision of the organizers is final.

Prize Rules

Judging Criteria

Eligible accounts will be ranked according to Capital Growth (%). 

The amount of balance and the type of account do not affect the final ranking.

Prize structure

When the contest ends, the Top 3 traders by Capital Growth will get:

First Prize: 100,000 $FXCE

Second Prize: 50,000 $FXCE

Third Prize: 20,000 $FXCE

To accompany the contest

At the forefront of Forex automated trading, FXCE has continuously provided documentation and tools to support the EA development community. In Addition, it is mentioned in the library of nearly 500 EAs and automatic indicators or FXCE Giga - a tool to create EAs without code.

During this competition, we will continue to develop, update, train, and support the EA. The creation and use will be simplified even if you are not a programming expert.

As usual, FXCE Direct always keeps an eye on every talented trader inside and outside the competition. Contest accounts will be monitored so closely that they make accessing FXCE funding and investment easier than any other account.

Wishing you great success in this contest!

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