Announcement & Update
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For the first time, FXCE introduces a unique feature that elevates Investment to a new level – Practice Invest. This feature is designed to assist investors in honing effective investment skills.

To understand the Practice Invest feature, you first need to grasp the concept of investment at FXCE.

What is Investment? 

FXCE's investment is used in the form of signal copying. Investors will not incur any fees at the start of their investment. The signal fee is charged based on the profitability that the invested trader brings to the investor.

Investing has never been truly easy. This requires investors to manage capital allocation, strategies, and understand the systems of various Masters for risk analysis and management. From this, we can see that the path to becoming a skilled investor comes at a high cost for practicing these skills. But now, exclusively at FXCE, potential investors can practice and affirm themselves through the Practice Invest feature.

Practice Invest

With the desire for all investors to have the opportunity to experience the real investment and accumulate expertise, FXCE has researched and introduced the Practice Invest.

This feature allows investors to test investment in million-dollar signals without having to invest any capital. It can be said that this is a capital management tool and investment capital that helps investors become invincible in the forex field.

How to use the Practice Invest?

To use this feature, you need to:

Step 1: Select an account for investment, click on the Invest button.

Step 2: Enable Practice invest mode.

Step 3: Set the investment conditions and then click Invest.

Step 4: Manage the investment list on the Investment page.

Let’t experience this excellent feature to practice and enhance your investment skills right away!