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Review The Most Popular ForexFactory Features - Part 2
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As a website with more than 15 years of operation, ForexFactory holds a significant position in the provision of data and market reports for all areas of finance and economics. This website has undergone numerous updates and developments, and it now offers many additional utilities for the convenience of traders in addition to the economic calendar function.

In the last article, we went over the features that are easiest to use for both novice and professional traders who often use them when accessing ForexFactory. Right here, FXCE will continue to introduce other items that you might miss when using it to understand why it has become one of the 20 most visited financial investment websites in the world.

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Home Page Overview

Before diving into the remaining 3 sections, take a closer look and feel of the homepage as a whole to catch up the structure.

1. Toolbars

The website has a friendly interface that always focuses on the needs of traders so that they can access any content they want as quickly as possible. You can personalize the content of ForexFactory you want to see first on the homepage every time you visit.

Right on the homepage, ForexFactory allows you to quickly change between 1 of 4 website addresses including ForexFactory, Metals Mine, Energy EXCH and Crypto Craft which are similar information sites but about Gold, Energy and Cryptocurrency

The upper left toolbar is the main features area consisting of 6 items. The right side is the account register and login button and the time setting area.

2. Content Customization

Originally, ForexFactory homepage is a blank canvas into which you can add display content as you wish. The sources of information are clearly grouped into blocks that traders can change according to their needs.

In each block of information, there are options: remove, bring to the top / bring down, move left / right for you to arrange freely. In case you want to refresh everything to the original default page, you can click on the Default Page button at the footer of the homepage.

3. Time Zone Setting

The user can also switch to the time setting area and select the time zone appropriate for the session. ForexFactory can be adjusted to any time zone. Once the time is correctly synchronized, any site-wide time values will be displayed in the local time selected by the user.

In case you are logged in as a member, the time on the website after being synchronized will be automatically synchronized for the following visits.

Note: ForexFactory's default time is New York EST (GMT -5) or EDT (GMT -4), depending on the time of year.

Get The Free Talk With ForexFactory Forums

For many forex traders, this is considered the most expensive among features. Forums is one of the most active forums in the financial world.

In this section, users have the right to create countless other subtopics. With a huge number of topics and an active user base, this is where you can find almost any knowledge or discussion you can think of.

ForexFactory Forums are also divided into blocks that display content in different areas including:

  • Directory 

  • Latest Replied 

  • Hottest Threads 

  • Latest Liked 

  • Best Liked 24H

  • Latest feedback on other forums

With any topic created for discussion, there will always be a topic name (Thread) that you can click to follow or search. Along with that is the latest comment, the number of replies and the member creating that Thread called Lead. Here, FF also has a mechanism to classify leads by influence based on the density of discussions.

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ForexFactory Trades - As Good As Any Famous Exchanges

1. Trade Feed

Trade Feed shows users' real-time transactions. When connecting trading accounts at exchanges with ForexFactory, if you choose to make your account public, your transactions will be displayed here.

Conversely, if you choose private, only you can see your transaction information. Note that the trading information here is for reference only, if using the copytrade method, you need to learn more carefully about the master information and the more standard trading time.

2. Leaderboard

This is a ranking of the most profitable members based on percentage of profit for the month. However, you can customize the rating by day or year both on live or demo accounts.

3. Positions

This is the area showing the position of currency pairs, including 7 main pairs, which are pairs with USD and GBP/JPY. Based on the number of traders and trading volume, this table will calculate the sell/buy ratio of that currency pair.

If you want more information, you can click on the Folder icon to find more detailed information including:

  • Average entry score

  • Average profit

  • Average trading time

  • Number of profit and loss

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Be Always-Mode-On By ForexFactory Market

There are 3 main components of Market

1. Scanner 

This is a visual tool that helps traders get an overview of the current market movements in the fastest way. In the settings, ForexFactory allows you to customize the block name, number of rows, number of columns and the option to display the Point value in the exchange rate.

Scanner allows displaying up to 8 rows and 8 columns. In there, each row you can choose to display parameters such as:

  • Bid/Ask Price

  • Miniature chart for each timeframe, in the form of a candlestick, bar, arbitrary line chart.

  • The number of Pip changes from time to time.

  • Percentage of volatility for each time frame.

  • Spread

2. Chart

ForexFactory features are not on point if lacking of this. Just select the currency pair you want and use following options:

  • Time Frame Selection: ForexFactory offers 10 time frames from M1 to Monthly.

  • Tools for drawing basic lines.

  • Supporting indicators such as displaying the time when news is synchronized with the chart, displaying the trading session, etc.

  • LIVE option: when you choose Live, the chart will be displayed in real time instead of you having to reload the website to update the new price.

  • Settings: Here you can choose the time frame, chart size, chart type, time frame, color for the chart...

3. Sessions

With Sessions, you will easily know what session the market is active in, when a session starts and when it ends.

Sessions are determined (Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York) and each session's start/end time, based on OANDA's FXMarketHours tool.

The data of these sections is aggregated from various sources in real time by (Market Data Application developed by ForexFactory for many years. Moreover, the rates are also aggregated from many brokers to get the most close. with real numbers and help traders have the lowest price lag.

Scanners and charts are freely accessible to all users and can be used at any time to make transactions easily and quickly.


After 2 parts on this trading tool, hope you have updated yourself about the overall ForexFactory that is indispensable when in this Forex. If previously, you only used to view the economic calendar, now you can take advantage of this tool to make trading more convenient.

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