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Direct Round Summary
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To be considered for investment approval on a Direct account, you need to maintain the following criteria across two consecutive periods:

  • Achieve a minimum profit of 1% for each 3-month period.

  • Maintain FDD below 6%.

  • Profit factor must be greater than 2.

This summary will outline the results of the periods, showing the potential for investment approval based on the current and previous periods' statuses.

🌟 Previous Round: This section will show the results of the previous trading period using different colors.

  • Red (Loss): The red status indicates that the trading result was negative in terms of the fund's capital. In the current period, you need to recover the loss amount and achieve the profit goals of both the previous and current periods to be eligible for investment approval.

  • Yellow (Not yet qualified): The yellow status means that you haven't fully met the goals of the previous period. If you didn't meet the profit target, you need to meet the profit of the current period plus the shortfall from the previous period to be considered as meeting the criteria. For other targets, achieving them in the current period will be considered sufficient.

  • Green (Qualified): The green status indicates that you have completed and met all the criteria of the previous period. Continue to maintain your performance in the current period to be considered for investment approval.

🌟 Current Round: This section will summarize the trading results of the current period, with two statuses: qualified (green) or not yet qualified (gray).

The account will be marked "Qualified" when you meet all criteria for two consecutive periods and are currently under consideration for new approval or an increase in investment.

Regularly check the account status and adjust your trading strategy to have the best performance.