Turning From Amateur To Pro Forex Trader At FXCE Social Trading Platform 
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Pro Forex Trader At FXCE

After learning more about the world of trading and getting real money from your trades, you might start thinking about becoming a professional trader. But reality is always harder than you think. 

Becoming a Forex expert can be daunting when you trade elsewhere in the market. However, with the Social Trading platform at FXCE, that journey will be clear with many supporting utilities. Let’s find out the pathway to become a pro Forex trader at FXCE - no.1 social trading platform.

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FXCE Social Trading Platform Overview

Social trading platforms are no stranger to today's trading community. It's a new way for investors and traders to interact and start their journey together.

Most social trading platforms today only offer copytrade. The concept behind FXCE Social Trading goes further than that. FXCE is able to connect with people globally and build a transparent and secure global financial ecosystem because it believes in the collective expertise of hundreds of pro Forex trader rather than the talent of a single trader.

Pro Forex Trader At FXCE

From there, investors can not only observe and analyze potential pro Forex trader who can follow or invest their capital directly, but also interact with like-minded people, discuss current market conditions, calibrate methods through statistical indicators, communicate results and more, all in real time.

Portrait Of A Pro Forex Trader

When it comes to the definition of a pro Forex trader, many people immediately think of profit ratio or net profit. However, without capital management skills, risk or understanding the market, the risk of creating large losses will always be lurking.

To avoid that case, whether you are an investor or a trader, you need to set up clear and realistic evaluation criteria to both evaluate trading performance more objectively and to save time compared to trading skill among traders.

At FXCE, the Trader's Guard system was established to evaluate the results of traders in the long term as well as criterias for future pro Forex trader to know and develop what they lack. Evaluation factors include:

  • Experience

  • Ability to manage risk

  • Profit

  • Patience

  • Discipline

Pro Forex Trader At FXCE

The parameters to evaluate the FXCE scale include capital growth, balance, account profit, order holding time, win rate, average number of orders per week, balance drawdown, equity drawdown, floating drawdown,... All these statistics of this trader are publicly and transparently displayed on the Top Trader page.

Thereby, both experienced traders or newbies can also rely on this to set the rules in their trading to become a pro Forex trader.

Practice Creates Pro Forex Trader

1. Give A Shot With Demo Accounts 

Option is recommended by most new investors when they first start trading and is also the simplest step to trading. With a Demo account, you will have the option of capital to simulate orders, leverage, and profit just like the real market. Traders with small capital can get acquainted with this “weapon” before depositing real money.

Whether you are a pro Forex trader or not, this is also a useful tool for professional traders who want to test out new trading strategies without sacrificing existing capital. Although not profitable, this is considered an ideal investment experience.

2. Get Used To Numbers By Cent Accounts

There will be many questions that already have Demo and Live accounts, why still need a Cent account when the profits are not attractive?

When you switch from a Demo account to a Live account, you will begin to have feelings of nervousness and anxiety because you are familiar with the virtual money from the Demo. This leads to situations such as taking profits early, touching Stop Loss often, not daring to copy signals or enter orders despite having a strategy.

At that time, the Cent account can meet the requirements of being both a trading account with real money, simulating the real amount of USD, and freely using all the tricks you want to test and experience the real market fluctuations without fear of heavy losses.

3. Take Advantage Of FXCE Academy Resources

In parallel with the Demo/Cent account experience, in addition to learning from each other, traders can completely update their trading knowledge through a set of courses from basic to advanced at FXCE Academy.

Although created with the main purpose of serving EA users, you can still take advantage of the knowledge of setting up conditions and indicators into regular manual trading.

Pro Forex Trader At FXCE

If you are afraid of studying through boring articles, the FXCE Academy YouTube channel is the place to visualize this knowledge in an easy to understand way, attracting the Production team to do it professionally. This is also where updates and postings:

  • Livestream about real combat, instructing new updates

  • Announcement of how to register new contests, prizes and winners 

  • Giga Talk: Chat with typical traders and share trading styles

Along with that, there are many new topics with a valuable Giveaway program. Quickly discover and subscribe to the channel now to become a pro Forex trader.

4. Become A Signal Provider

Once you have a certain amount of trading experience and a relative win rate, if you are confident in your results and self-discipline, you can sign up to sell signals to the community at FXCE.

You can choose the user's signal purchase fee from free to the price you want to charge in FXE tokens. When you achieve your desired results, you can also get Sponsorships from the signal buyers themselves.

Not only at the level of income from your own trading, you can also help others gain profits and get more cash flow from those signals. To be such a Forex expert, you need to have a comprehensive product and trading experience plan to gain enough experience and effective capital management skills.

5. Meet The Standard And Receive The Investment

One step closer to becoming a pro Forex trader - the FXCE Direct & Invest program. Traders can start with any account including Demo or Cent to conquer funding conditions from FXCE.

When participating in this program, you will not be limited to any accepted system, method or form of trading, especially without any cost to join.

Simply described, FXCE will fund a minimum of $2000, then increase to $10,000. Passing these funding rounds, traders continue to be invested in the form of copytrade with a minimum of $100,000, increasing by $100k for each subsequent round and unlimited total investment.

FXCE Direct Fund offers a variety of benefits including 20% on funding and investment account returns. Besides, your profile is known by the investor community in the ecosystem and can receive unlimited investments from other wise investors. For more details, pro Forex trader can see on our official website.


“All things are difficult before they are easy” - For newbies, the process to become a pro Forex trader can seem quite lengthy. However, if you take a closer look, this path at FXCE is much shorter than learning from your own experience and losses.

If you have experience, determine for yourself where you are in the above levels and continue to try and try. On the way to accumulate that trading knowledge and experience, FXCE will always be with you.

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