Announcement & Update
Updates on Order History
1 min read

In order to provide traders with a comprehensive overview throughout the trading process of an account, we have enhanced the History section on the Account Details page with the following informative and useful features:

1. Total profit, total deposit, and total withdrawal

2. Order search bar by sympbol or type

By typing the type (deposit, withdrawal) or specific symbol (e.g., XAUUSD, GPSAUD, etc.) into the search bar as shown, you will receive a list of orders based on the search criteria.

3. Time-based search bar

You can search for trades within a specific time range by selecting the start and end dates.

4. Sorting orders by metrics 

In the Sort bar, you can select the metric from the columns in the table below to sort orders by value from smallest to largest or vice versa.

5. Customize columns

You can add, remove, or rearrange the order of columns displayed in the order information table.

The selected metrics (orange checkmarks) in the left column will be displayed in the right column and shown on the order information table.

To change the order of columns in the information table, press and hold the metric, then drag it to the desired position.