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VPS EA and 4 things you need to know about this virtual computer
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VPS EA is the perfect combination of VPS and EA that every trader utilizes to make more profit from this forex market. What is a VPS and how does it work? Let’s find out about VPS through this article!


Learn about VPS EA

VPS is one of the useful virtual servers and is used for many different purposes. So what is the actual use of VPS? And what is VPS EA?

There is a simple way to answer these questions. In fact, VPS can be seen as the division of the main physical server into different servers, but with the same function as the physical computer. Meanwhile, the EA will act as an automated trading software on the Forex exchange. However, the EA will need a device with a stable internet connection to work. Therefore, if traders can optimize their trading operations, then they will need to combine VPS and EA.

How will VPS and EA work together?

In fact, VPS EA will also automatically trade through the EA software without the intervention of the main server. But one trait that outperforms a regular EA is that the VPS EA will operate continuously 24/7. Also, this can handle huge volumes of data at high speeds. In addition, it will also have all the necessary functions of a regular physical computer.

Using EA through VPS will ensure a level of safety and increase transaction speed for users. This is a consequence of the network speed from VPS can be many times stronger than a regular computer. In addition, users can also choose different types of VPS EAs according to their own needs.

After reading about the concept of VPS EA, it seems worth a try. So are you curious about how VPS EA works? Let’s find out!

The way VPS EA works

To be able to understand easily how VPS EA runs, you should have a brief understanding of how VPS works. Indeed, VPS is like a virtual computer on the internet with an operating system (OS). Users can control this computer remotely and they have to pay a monthly fee to maintain the system and use other services from the provider.

In short, the service provider will create a virtualization layer on the operating system and this layer will be divided into separate VPS. Not only that, this virtualization layer will also isolate resources in each VPS on the same physical server. Thus, users can install their own operating system or software on VPS and not affect other users.

VPS can be used for many different purposes. Traders will use the VPS EA as a virtual server to be able to run on MT4, MT5 and backtest the EA continuously. Because when using EA on VPS, EA will not be dependent on any factors and always operate stably 24/7.

How to identify a good VPS EA

In the current market, there are many different types of VPS for EAs and are offered by many websites to cater to each individual's needs. In order to determine the type of VPS that will be suitable for trading on the Forex market. We should take a look at a few core factors!

  • VPS EA should ensure high network speeds:

To be able to guarantee transaction speed, the network speed of a VPS EA needs to be at least 100Mbps. There is no doubt that it only takes a little glimpse into Forex trading for you to miss out on a great trading opportunity. In addition, the network speed of a normal computer can reach from 20-50Mbps. However, there is still a delay that affects transactions. Therefore, it must be 100Mbps or more for a VPS EA.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth:

Executing Forex trading with VPS will often use a lot of bandwidth, because users need to update and transfer data continuously, generally 24/7. It is true that if VPS has a limit on network capacity, users will face many difficulties in transactions. Therefore, choosing a VPS without bandwidth limitations will be a decisive factor.

  • RAM configuration for VPS EA must be at least 2GB:

Like a regular computer, RAM is where tasks are handled in the operating system, the higher the RAM, the more efficient it will be to multitask and install. If users want to maintain high performance when trading and no lag occurs. 2GB RAM will be the minimum to be able to ensure the software on the VPS EA can operate normally.

  • The CPU for VPS EA must be from 2 Cores or more:

The more cores, the faster the task processing speed will be. The choice of CPU is as important as the choice of RAM. To have smooth trading on the Forex market, the user should choose a minimum number of cores which should not be less than 2. Not only that, you will need more cores, if you have to run much different software on a VPS EA.

  • Hard drive and capacity:

Hard drives are usually divided into two types, HDD and SSD. As we know that HDDs are much cheaper than SSDs. However, SSD will operate more efficiently than HDD, when the reading and writing speed of SSD will be 5 to 10 times faster. Therefore, SSD will be a reasonable choice for users to store data related to transactions.

Depending on how much software and data users want to store commands for their transactions, they can choose between 30GB and 50GB for their hard drive. But users should choose 50GB to be able to comfortably store and use it for a long time.

3 reasons why traders should use VPS EA for trading:

  • Support traders to trade anywhere, anytime:

Since the VPS EA is a virtual server, you will not be limited to where you trade. Consequently, you can be anywhere and still make transactions, as long as you have a device with an internet connection. In addition, VPS EA can completely operate automatically and without your supervision, after it is set up by you. Therefore, no matter where you are with no internet or power outage, VPS EA always makes transactions for you.

  • Commitment to security and privacy:

There is no doubt that you will always receive patches or software updates when you are using any provider's VPS EA. In fact, they will always check periodically to ensure the system is still operating normally and optimal for users. In addition, these websites will provide antivirus software to make sure your computer will be safe.

  • Limit unnecessary problems and speed up transactions:

You will generally benefit from the main server when you are using a VPS because your VPS will be located on the same server as the central server. Therefore, the matching signal activities as well as the execution of orders will almost immediately occur.

How can we hire a VPS EA easily?

In the current market, there are many VPS providers with many different prices and options. However, because VPS can be used for many different purposes, not all providers will provide VPS services for EA. Be aware of that, and understand the importance of VPS for traders. FXCE currently has VPS EA rental support for traders.

What you will get when FXCE supports hiring VPS EA:

  • You'll get $30 for 3 months per VPS, and you are able to use from 1-3 EAs depending on your needs.

  • If the FXCE team determines the performance of your account is good, you will receive an investment from the DIRECT fund. At the same time, you can get a subsidy to rent 2 VPS for $60/3 months for 4 to 6 EAs.

  • No need to remember the time to pay VPS fees: all users will be reviewed and paid once a quarter and at the same time.

Signing up for support to rent VPS at FXCE is extremely easy and fast, you just need to meet the following needs:

  • Users need to have KYC.

  • Users can use a live or demo account to register VPS EA.

  • Users need to provide their accounts that are launching Forward Test (from 1 to 3 accounts).


Besides using EA for Forex trading, VPS EA is also one useful software for traders. With the way it works like a physical computer and can operate 24/7, all trading activities on Forex will become easier. Through this article, hopefully, you will understand more about VPS EA and can choose VPS that suits your needs.

To understand more about VPS EA, you have to do research, but to understand the EA, you can refer to here.


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