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What is Copytrade? Pros and cons of Copytrade
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Copytrade is one of the simplest ways for newbies in the forex market. This trading method is also suitable for professional traders to earn more. So what is copytrade? What are the pros and cons? Find out in the article below!


What is copytrade?

Copytrade allows you to automatically copy the traits that more experienced traders make, without having to analyze the market yourself. This strategy aims to get profit from the correct trading strategy of the master. 

However, this method is not always effective. Because the person that you choose can lose at any time. You need to know how to stop loss and take profit at the right time. So you should carefully research the master's trading strategy before starting to copytrade. 

Who can copytrade?

Basically, anyone can copytrade and make a stable profit. This is very suitable for those who do not have much experience in the Forex market. Copytrading from a master's trading account will help you learn more lessons about their winning and losing time. It is considered the fastest way to have easier access to this field.

Those who have a lot of experience in Forex trading can use copytrade as a method to increase profits.

To start learning about copytrade, the first thing you need to know is the participants. It is divided into the following components:

  • Master: is the signal provider. They will be responsible for trading and set accounts public so that everyone can follow and copy orders. When the copytrade is successful, the copyist will share a part of the profit with the master.

  • Follower: They will choose to copy part or all of the master's trading. This means how you allocate funds to copytrade. The follower will pay a fee or share a part of the profit with the master.

  • Broker: This is the place that provides a copytrade platform for traders and masters to trade. It can be said that the broker is an intermediary bridge connecting the follower and masters. The broker will collect trading and management fees from them.

Benefits of copytrade

As introduced before, copytrade is a method suitable for traders who do not have much knowledge of the Forex market. With the benefits that copytrade offers, they can gain the first achievement of strategies that have been developed and tested over the years by professional traders. Getting started and participating in the Forex market is easier than ever.


The benefits of copytrade include:

About follower

  • Do not require experience: you just need to learn, and carefully research the strategy of a master to have the opportunity to make a profit.

  • Learn from good traders: Through the strategies that have been set up by pro trader, you will learn a lot from trading techniques to relevant fund allocation.

  • Save time on analysis: now you do not have to spend hours analyzing strategies or follow trading charts because someone else has already done it. You just copy their trading.

  • Implement simply: with a few basic steps, you can copy potential traders. Copytrade Engine is an effective tool to help you copytrade with multiple choices. Details of this tool are in section 5.

About master

Master will get a part of profit from followers and brokers when their trading process has profit. 

About broker 

The broker is the place where the Followers can find the Master to copytrade. So it also benefits from this. It will get a performance fee from the Follower when executing copytrade to maintain the system.

Risks of copytrade

Any trading method carries risks. However, the risk is high or low depending on the knowledge and research process. The risks you may face include:

Market volatility

Market price volatility is a familiar problem not only in Forex, but also in the financial market. Because of the constant volatility and the difficulty of controlling the direction of the price, it is possible that a good trader can lose. So, if you copy these trading accounts, you will also lose money.

Choosing the wrong account

The choice of account to copy is an extremely important factor and it also determines the possibility of success. Without thoughtful analysis and research on the master, you will take big risks.

Pro traders who consistently make profits do not necessarily never lose, because nobody wins forever in the market. Failure is inevitable in the financial markets. And when choosing a trading account that is on a losing streak to copytrade, it is even riskier. So consider carefully before choosing a master. 

Unsuitable fund allocation

Fund management is one of the factors to think about carefully. You can't make sure whether the signal provider will make a profit or a loss, so know how to allocate your fund reasonably. Don't trust someone too much to put all your funds into copytrade. This is a high risk. 

Copytrade Engine - The tool helps copy trade effectively 

To make copytrade more effective, you should use a tool for setting up multiple terms. Copytrade Engine is a tool developed by FXCE to give users the best experience during copytrade. 

4 ways to copytrade in this tool: 

  1. According to the balance rate: trading orders are copied in proportion to the account balance between investor and master.

  2. According to the volume: trading orders are copied with the same volume as the signal account (for 100% copy rate).

  3. Random volume: With this mode, the system will randomly enter the trading volume within the limit you set. 

  4. Fixed Volume: The trading volume will be fixed as set.

copytrade engine

After selecting the copy mode, you can also customize the selected mode to optimize your investment on Copytrade Engine:

  1. Reverse Copy: Orders will be copied backward with the signal.

  2. Always enter with minimum volume: Order is always copied with minimum volume if the calculated volume with the selected copy mode, is less than the minimum volume of the product.

  3. Only enter buy orders: The account only copies buy orders

  4. Only enter sell orders: The account only copies sell orders

  5. Enter random order: The account is copied random orders with the number of orders according to the set rate. Example: You enter a rate of 50%, so your account will enter as many orders as 50% of the signal account's orders randomly.

  6. Maximum Volume: The order will be copied with the installed volume when the calculated volume with the selected copy mode is greater than the maximum installed volume.

However, some modes and options are limited. When you get to VIP 2, you can use it.

*How to upgrade FXCE VIP Level 2 

With a variety of customizations, anyone can use and increase profits thanks to this copying platform. For investors who like safety and sustainability in investment, you can combine CopyTrade Engine with Trading Analysis and Trader's Guard to make the right investment decisions. For investors like risk with the desire to achieve big returns, you can follow accounts with high fund growth rates.


Hopefully, through the above article, you can understand basically what copytrade is, the benefits and risks that it brings. Copytrade will be the effective solution to help you get the fastest access to the Forex market.

Any trading method carries risks. There is no trading method that will deliver 100% sustainable returns. What you need to be concerned about is choosing the strategy that best suits your trading style. Get started today, the choice is yours!