What is CopyTrade? Introducing FXCE CopyTrade Engine
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Currently, many investors are looking for an effective CopyTrade environment, with transparent and secure systems. However, many Traders, overtrusting their masters, lost all their money.

And, improper capital allocation to copy unreliable masters is also extremely dangerous. Furthermore, failure to follow the capital management strategies you initially set out can lead to undesirable results.

So what is Copytrade and is it risky? Let's find out below.

What is CopyTrade?

CopyTrade defines the way you can learn from successful Investors/ Traders to improve your trading skills. As a result of that, it was possible to reduce most of the research time and learn a lot of real-time trading abilities from experienced Traders.

CopyTrade allows you to get to the market in the fastest way by copying Top Traders. You will learn Expert Strategies and maximize your profit potential. CopyTrade is beginner-friendly but also commonly used by experienced traders and strategic analysts.

Common risks 

There are many risks involved when copying signals from a Master account. Therefore, when choosing a Master account to copy, investors need to carefully monitor the Master account.

In essence, CopyTrade simply means copying the orders of successful traders in a Trading Platform. This makes copytrading a more reliable passive income even if you are a novice.

However, any trading method has risks and returns. You should not be careless to leave it all to the Master. Choose and set the best copytrading criteria based on the outstanding features that CopyTrade Engine offers.

Introducing FXCE CopyTrade Engine 

FXCE connects you with a large community of professional traders. Investors can use diverse investment ways to seek stable, long-term investments.

We are offering a quality copytrading platform - Copytrade Engine to investors. Not only does it get absolute real-time order matching (less than 0.1 seconds), FXCE also offers a wide range of options designed to suit the needs and preferences of almost any investor from novice to professional. 

Moreover, through statistics from Trading Analysis with more than 10 evaluation criteria, were distilled from FXCE. You can easily make your investment decisions.

Copy Modes

  • Investors can choose Copy Balance or Copy Volume depending on their capital management method

  • Auto-renewal: Automatically renew at the end of the contract

  • CopyTrade Engine allows the Trader to be flexible with the lowest copying 0.1 times or the highest x5 times the trading volume (set value 10% - 500%)

Copy Options 

  • Reversal Copy: The order will be copied against the signal that the Master accounts when entering the order

  • Always entry min amount: The order will be copied with the minimum volume if the calculated volume is less than the product's minimal volume

  • Only buy orders: The account only copies buy orders

  • Only sell orders: The account only copies sell orders

  • Random entry rate: The account is copied random orders with the number of orders according to the set ratio

  • Max copy volume per order: The maximum number of lots that can be copied for a single order

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Copytrade Engine accompanies Fund Managers in the CopyTrading Star. We’re looking for the best Risk Managers for long-term sustainable investment.

The competition is more intense than ever before. Diverse capital management criteria, and risk parameters that are best optimized by investors. Find out more at 👉 Contest Homepage


Copy trading is risky, you can be losing money in the market if you cannot afford good capital management. This is the time when you need to consider the risk level of each Master before proceeding to spend one of your investments.

Finally, the values that CopyTrade Engine brings will be a tool that always accompanies investors and trades towards sustainable profits.

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