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Create EA Forex without coding, why not?
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“Is it possible to create EA Forex without coding?” 

A question that gets a lot of attention from the EA trading community, originating from Forex Traders who love automated trading. However, regardless of the answer, there is always an invisible curtain. It separates the “manual traders” from creating their own EA Forex.

Thus, if you have a complete trading strategy and want to move towards automation in trading; So is it difficult to find a program to create EA Forex without coding? Let's answer through the article below.


Create EA Forex in the past

To create EA Forex without coding is one of the problems that was said to be unsolved many years ago. Because EA Forex is an automated Forex trading system and you need to understand the code and programming. Therefore, this can be seen as a fairly new approach for traders at that time.

Difficulty to access EA Forex

In addition to your ability to program the EA, you will even need tens of thousands of extra hours to learn about the market. Not to mention you have to learn to trade and find your own trading methods and optimize them. From there, you can put your system into the lines of code and create your own EA Forex.


Current EA Forex programming languages also borrow concepts from other languages, such as C++. Therefore, if you excel in any other programming languages and understand the market, it can also help you to become a talented EA creator.

To Create EA Forex without coding has never been so easy

In MetaTrader, EA Forex is written in the MetaQuotes Language 4 and MetaQuotes Language 5 programming. They were then developed for use on the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

As you may already know, EA Forex programming is the process of creating automated trading systems for use in the forex market. You will need to be proficient in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) or MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) to effectively create and program EA Forex.

Therefore, it was impossible to create EA Forex without code at that time. To approach programming work will be considered very difficult and few people can master the complex knowledge inside. To create EA Forex without coding is not for the majority of traders. Specifically, for a professional Expert Advisor programmer to create a working EA, it will take quite a long time (maybe up to several weeks).

Buy an EA or hire a Programmer

However, there are many solutions for EA traders who want to create EA Forex without coding. If you are not proficient in the EA Forex programming language, you can hire a programmer to translate your trading strategies into EAs or Indicators. This can help you both learn and improve your EA Forex programming skills.

There are a number of websites that have programmers that you can hire to develop some EA Forex that will suit your trading requirements.

Website for EA Forex Programmers on MQL5


You can also check detailed information about EAs and EA interpreters on sites like Forex Peace Army. This way you can know if the developer you want to hire or the EA you want to buy is legit.

Conclusion: In previous years, the methods of creating EAs required you to be proficient in the programming language. Or, hire an EA programmer to interpret the strategy. So, to create EA Forex without coding is a huge challenge for Traders who love Automated Trading.

However, why until now only a few people are still pursuing these things?

The solution to create EA Forex without coding is gradually appearing

The recent emergence of EA generators has made the process to create EA Forex without coding so easy, fast and uncomplicated. Instead of mastering troublesome programming languages, you can simply enter your strategy preferences. The rest of the system will be completed within a few minutes.

Since then, solutions to create EA Forex without coding have started to pave the way towards being accessible to everyone. Using the EA Forex generators is getting simpler and easier and is suitable for all types of traders — regardless of whether you are a short-term or a long-term Trader.

Several types of EA Forex on the market

Derived from the advantages of programs that help create EA Forex without coding. They are gradually divided into 2 separate variants, which are automatic and semi-automatic EAs.


Semi-Automatic EA Forex is considered a program that works to identify patterns in the market and generate trading signals. However, unlike semi-automatic EA Forex, automatic EA Forex can trade on behalf of investors.

  • The automatic EA will execute the order as soon as the trading conditions and rules are satisfied without having to notify the trader.

  • The semi-automatic EA will do the task of detecting signals and calculating parameters (entry point, stop loss, take profit ...) for the transaction. They are based on the installed strategy and then reported to the trader, and whether to follow or not is the trader's decision.

Automated and Semi-Automatic EA Forex have many similarities with each other. They use the same type of automated trading software to Traders/ Organizations.

You may not know: The main difference between automatic and semi-automatic EA Forex is that the semi-automatic EA will generate “signals” while the automatic EA will execute trades without any manual authorization.

Common EA Strategies

Now, using the Program to “create EA Forex without coding” is open to everyone - From amateurs to professionals. Therefore, the created EA Forex products also have a variety of ways to design or arrange trading strategies to suit each individual - organization:

  1. The News Expert Advisor - As the name implies, the main purpose is to take advantage of various news events and big price moves that can take place during big news releases.

  2. The Breakout Expert Advisor - Is specially designed to open a trade when a price breaks through predetermined resistance and support levels.

  3. The Hedge Expert Advisor - Under this category falls any Expert Advisor that plays two respective and opposing positions, diminishing the loss on one whilst facilitating profit on another.

  4. Expert Advisor Scalper - Such EAs pursue the goal to secure small profits once they are available. This EA will open and close an endless amount of trades for any profit and could trade up to 400-500 times a day depending on market conditions.

And even more strategies…!

As can be seen, EA Forex is an automatic trading software for all Traders from Retail to institutional level (small scale) like Investment Funds. The difference here is only in the experience of using the EA and how the individual approaches the strategies.

Introducing FXCE Giga, the solution to create EA Forex without coding 

FXCE Giga is a solution that allows anyone to configure the EA and requires no programming knowledge. Especially, this tool is completely free, so you can create EA as you like, and create unlimited.

Considered an EA Configuration Solution, FXCE Giga helps traders to create EA Forex without coding and optimize profits from the market. FXCE has provided a multitude of EAs and Indicators that are optimally completed. Whether you are an expert programmer or someone who doesn't know how to code, you can freely access and develop the EA. 


As a result of using FXCE Giga platform - Create EA Forex without coding, you can freely create EAs and Indicators. And, combine multiple trading strategies together to create a superior product. Furthermore, you can configure your own EAs and personalize their characteristics (Automatic or Semi-Automatic) according to each trading method.

Now, the work of creating EA Forex without code really brings many new experiences and rather, convenience. And you, how do you feel? 

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Hope the article has helped you partly answer the question “Is it possible to create EA Forex without coding?”. This makes the job of creating EA Forex simpler than ever. FXCE Giga was created to be the most modern version to create a reliable automated trading system that requires no programming skills.

Although Expert Advisor trading strategies (also known as EA Forex) are probably quite a new concept for newbies. But this is considered one of the trading strategies that you should not ignore in 2023.

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