Is allowing traders to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA the optimal choice?
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With the harsh nature of the Forex market, traders always have Forex robots (EA Forex) available for trading. However, the cost of owning these Forex robots is not really cheap. This will lead to a consequence that the demand for finding free Forex robots is extremely popular. In this article, you will learn about EA and download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA.

Let's find out what are the characteristics of this Forex robot. And is it worth using it?


Understanding the basic concept of Forex robots:


There is no doubt that the popularity of Forex robots, also known as EA Forex. In fact, many places have explained in detail the concept of this Forex robot. Moreover, these articles also provide guidance on how to download free Forex robots or buy these robots.

To fully understand Forex robots (or EA Forex), you can refer to this article, as EA Forex in that article will be described in detail and clarity. However, to quickly and easily understand Forex robots, we can understand:

Forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors, are automatic currency trading software. With the ability to operate automatically and continuously 24/7, Forex robots can support traders in tracking market trends, monitoring good signals to execute orders, or creating automatic trading plans.

The operation of Forex robots is quite simple, whether you buy robots or just download free Forex robots, all of these EAs run on the MT4 or MT5 platforms. From there, traders only need to build plans and set indicators for the EAs. Based on that, EAs will automatically perform the remaining steps in trading.

Where to search and download free Forex robots?


You can search for many different types of Forex robots on the market. Each Forex robot will have different prices, and almost all are not cheap. However, some traders, especially new traders, do not have much knowledge about EAs as well as money. Therefore, the demand for them to find and download free Forex robots is quite popular.

It is undeniable that downloading free Forex robots will help new traders understand more about the product and save costs. In addition, there are many websites or forums selling Forex robots. Moreover, you can also search and download free Forex robots from many different sources on the internet. 

Some of the places that you can refer to are:


  1. ForexFactory.com: This is one of the most famous websites about the foreign exchange market, providing useful tools and documents for traders. In addition, on the forum of this website, you can download free Forex robots to experience.

  2. MQL5.com: This is a website that provides products and services related to the financial market, including Forex robots. On this website, you can search and download free Forex robots or pay for them.

  3. EarnForex.com: This is a website that provides useful documents and tools for traders, including Forex robots. On the other hand, you can find a lot of information related to Forex trading as well as download free Forex robots or pay for them on this website.

  4. EA FXCE: This is a website that provides an entirely free EA creation tool. In other words, users can download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA very simply. Unlike other websites, this website also has instructions on how to use this tool. In addition, users will always be supported enthusiastically and quickly by the FXCE team. Finally, the website also updates news or indicators continuously in order to help traders improve their trading skills.

When you are trying to download free Forex robots, you should remember to check the reliability and effectiveness of the product before using it. In addition, make sure you understand how the robot works and have experience using automatic tools in trading in the foreign exchange market.

Benefits of trying to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA


In fact, there are many EAs on the market for traders to choose from, but why should they download free Forex robots by  FXCE GIGA?

If you want to know the download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA is the right thing to do or not, we need to consider the benefits that FXCE GIGA can bring to traders.

Good control of traders' psychology

In Forex trading, the psychology of traders is an important factor in deciding to win or lose. Knowing that problem, many traders have found many different ways to keep their psychology stable in trading. One of the most used ways is to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA. With FXCE GIGA, the system will automatically trade after EAs on the FXCE website was downloaded and added to the MT5 platform.

In other words, you will not have to worry about your emotions when participating in trading. Because all trading orders are executed decisively by the EA tool. In addition, you will no longer be influenced by emotions when following trades, and avoid the FOMO effect in Forex trading.

Allow using various indicators on MT5

In addition to allowing users to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA, users will be allowed to use the indicators available in each EA for the MT5 platform. There is no doubt that the importance of indicators in Forex trading. In fact, the user only needs to analyze the EA and the indicator in that EA. After this analysis, users consider whether those EAs are suitable for their strategy and apply this to the MT5 platform.

Effective capital management support

In fact, capital management is a difficult problem for many traders, as it greatly affects the success of trading. However, If you try to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA, this can help traders manage capital more effectively.

In other words, users can review FXCE's Robot settings such as automatic entry or exit, or adjust their strategy according to the market. From there, you can use that EA to control the capital in your trading account more easily.

Reduce costs to hire Forex Robot programmer

There is no doubt that programming Forex Robot is not an easy job. On the other hand, programmers must not only have knowledge of coding but also have an understanding of the Forex market. As a consequence, that leads to extremely high fees for hiring programmers.

However, traders who download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA are a completely different story. Besides the extremely easy setup of EAs, traders can also choose and download Forex Robots for free at FXCE's EA library. So, this can be one of the top reasons that traders can confidently download EAs.

Although the benefits of trying to download Forex robots for free by FXCE GIGA have been mentioned above, you can also get a detailed look at the benefits of FXCE GIGA through this article.

How to use after you download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA


It is extremely simple to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA into MT5, with just a few steps as follows, and you will own a Forex robot:

  1. Download the FXCE GIGA software. You can download and update the latest software here.

  2. Continue to download EA from FXCE GIGA EA Library

  3. Unzip the EA and you will see there are 3 main items: Indicators, EA config file, and template chart.

  4. Copy custom indicators into /MQL5/Indicators file. 

  5. Continue uploading the template to the chart.

  6. Drag FXCE GIGA onto the chart after loading the template from the menu File -> Open Data Folder.

  7. Copy the Config EA file into the data section of FXCE GIGA

  8. After downloading the EA successfully, check the Entry, Volume, Close, Settings, and Action again to see if it matches the description on the website.

  9. Run the backtest and press Active to run the EA.

In addition, you can refer to this article for details on how to install Forex robots from FXCE GIGA.


Allowing traders to download free Forex robots by FXCE GIGA is one of the primary choices, as this Robot Forex can help improve trading. On the other hand, Forex robots also have many different potentials that can create opportunities for traders.

In addition, using robots from FXCE GIGA is extremely simple and does not require programming knowledge, which is an advantage for traders. Therefore, you can download and experience the unique features of FXCE GIGA right away.

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