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Agent Strategy - Maximizing Profit on the FXCE Platform
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With an unwavering spirit of development, FXCE always aims to bring modern and useful technological products to all users in the ecosystem. The year 2024 promises to be an impressive year for FXCE with many features set to be launched.

Among them, the Agent Strategy stands out as a special program designed for talented traders and agents. The tool will aid traders in attracting additional investors by utilizing the scalability of affiliate agents. As a result, both traders and agents will have the opportunity to enhance their income. Read on to learn more about the Agent Strategy at FXCE.

What makes the Agent Strategy special?

At FXCE, the CopyTrade feature offers a variety of customizations to provide the most comprehensive experience for investors to easily review and select the most suitable investment mode. But it doesn't stop there, FXCE continues to introduce the Agent Strategy feature for masters and affiliate agents.

  • Masters set profit-sharing levels (commission): In the first step, signal providers (masters) will establish commission for agents using referral links generated on our platform. This setup allows them to optimize profits based on individual agreements with each agent.

  • Attracting customers: Affiliate agents utilize their marketing tactics to draw in and invite customers to subscribe to signals or invest in master accounts through referral links.

  • Profit sharing: When it's time to share profits and if customers have earned profits, the system will automatically distribute profits to masters and agents based on the predetermined settings.

How to create a strategy for Masters

Step 1: Go to settings on the trading account for which you want to configure an agent strategy.

Step 2: Enable copy trading services first (Signal or S-investment) to be able to activate the 'Agent Strategy' function. Then, select "Agent Strategy" to access its setup interface.

Step 3: Name the strategy, with a maximum of 15 characters. And set the subscription time and the performance fee (A).

Step 4: Set the commission rate for agents.

  1. Find and select agents by their FXCE account usernames.

  2. Set commission for agents:

  • A - performance fee, set in step 3.
  • B - commission shared with the agent based on performance fees (percentage).
  • C - commission shared with the agent (amount of money). This amount is automatically calculated by the system.
  • D - the actual profit share for the Master after deducting commission for the agent.
  1. Add up to 2 other agents to this strategy (if any).

Step 5: Click "Create" to complete the setup.

Here is an example of calculating commission for agents

The customer subscribes to signals through the agent's link, with a performance fee of 20% (A - determined by the Master in step 3). This strategy includes commissions (B - set by the Master in step 4) allocated to three agents at different rates: B(1) = 60% for Agent 1; B(2) = 5% for Agent 2; and B(3) = 1% for Agent 3.

At the end of the subscription period: If the signal subscriber earns a profit of $1,000 from subscribing to the Master, the performance fee due is: Profit * A = $1,000 * 20% = $200.

The system then will automatically distribute commissions to the agents, calculated as: commission = performance fee * B. Therefore, agents will receive:

  • Agent 1 receives commission = performance fee * B(1) = $200 * 60% = $120
  • Agent 2 receives commission = performance fee * B(2) = $200 * 5% = $10
  • Agent 3 receives commission = performance fee * B(3) = $200 * 1% = $2
  • After distributing to agents, the Master receives: $200 - $120 - $10 - $2 = $68

How to manage an Agent Strategy

FXCE enables both masters and agents to track strategy-related subscriptions by allowing them to view their agent-associated strategies directly from the master account page.

Let's go deep into it

While the master has the ability to view all followers' copytrade subscription details as well as modify the strategy, agents can only access their own strategy details and followers' information under their link.

1. Strategy name: The strategy name set by the Master

    A - performance fee (setup in step 3)

2. Agency:

  • Usernames of agents in an agent strategy

  • B - percentage of commission shared with the agent based on performance fee (as shown in the image is 60%, 5%, 1%, set in step 4)

  • C - percentage of commission shared with the agent based on the follower’s total profit (as shown in the image is 12%, 1%, 0.2%, calculated based on A and B)

3. Total subscribers: the total number of signal subscribers and investors following this strategy. Click on the chart icon to view its detailed statistics.

4. Total registration amount: Total balance of signal subscribers and investors in the strategy.

5. Status: Indicates whether the strategy is active or inactive. If the master deactivates the strategy, its code becomes invalid. Consequently, new signal subscribers and investors cannot register under this strategy and will instead register with the master's default settings. It's important to note that the master can only change the status when there are no signal subscribers or investors following the strategy.

6. Link: The agent's link including a code, provided by the master, will be distributed by agents to customers. When customers subscribe to signals or invest in the master's account under the link, the system logs their actions as signal subscriptions for the strategy. The system automatically generates this code upon successful creation of the strategy.

7. Modify strategy: The master can modify all information in the strategy when there are no signal subscribers or investors. In the presence of signal subscribers or investors, the master is limited to altering commission rates and adding agents to the strategy. These modifications will become effective in the subsequent profit-sharing period.

Access customers' subscription details

Clicking on the chart icon provides access to detailed statistics. This pop-up window summarizes all customers who subscribe to signals or invest in the master account under the specific strategy, found in the 'Copy Signal' and 'S-Investment' tabs, respectively.

View how to calculate the commission for agents here.


  • Masters must activate copy trading services (Signal or S-invest) to enable the 'Agent Strategy' function.

  • Masters can only modify or delete a strategy if no customers have subscribed to signals or made investments under that strategy.

  • When there are active subscribers or investors, masters can only adjust the commission percentage and add additional agents to the strategy. Previously set agent information cannot be deleted or altered. Changes take effect in the subsequent profit-sharing period.

  • Each strategy can accommodate a maximum of three different agents, with no restriction on the number of strategies per trading account.

  • The total commission percentage among the three agents within the same strategy must not exceed 99%.