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FXCE Top Trader - Outstanding Talents in Q2, 2023
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Top Traders FXCE

Welcome back to FXCE Top Trader. This is a series of articles honoring Traders with excellent trading achievements at FXCE Social Trading Platform. 

FXCE Social Trading Platform is known as the platform that provides the most professional Trader analysis environment -, the statistical platform always shows that each trader exhibits different personalities for each trading strategy. 

Most of all, FXCE has selected Traders with remarkable trading results in Q2, 2023. Let's take a look at the details.


Manual trading gets $130,000 investment 

This is probably one of the special fighters of the FXCE community, from Nigeria. This trader received an investment of $130,000 in just 7 months using manual trading. Nothing is impossible. His profile shows overwhelming numbers, let's take a look at the impressive parameters of this account.

Top Traders FXCE

Profit factor 

Bringing in a Total profit of 15.6%  (As of the time of writing it has increased to 20.69%) in just 10 months of trading. This account also trades 11 diverse currency pairs, of which 9 are profitable. Every month, profits are recorded regularly, bringing about very good results.

 Patience factor

Manual trading is not an easy thing in the trading world. There are many factors that affect a Trader's patience, including: Trading psychology , emotional management, consistent strategy management. However, this account's patience score is the highest compared to the rest of the parameters at 69.6. 

This account also determines the entry/exit points at the right time of the week's average order (3.45 orders only), the average order holding time (3 days and 11 hours). Prove that this trader only enters an order when he sees a good signal with a high win rate. 

Top Traders FXCE

What do you think of this trader's trading strategy? Worth watching, isn't it?

Let's explore Account 71284.

Light NEW (safe) 

Trade EA with Pullback strategy get huge investment from FXCE 

FXCE Direct has recently invested in Light NEW (safe) trading account. He has consistently gained profit for several consecutive months. Due to his effective trading, the total investment has been increased to $500,000.

Top Traders FXCE

It would be a shame if we didn't analyze this account with numbers that caught the attention of the FXCE Social Trading community:

  1. Regarding the risk management of this account, the risk management  FXCE Score is 95.1,Trader Guard: 15% EDD - helps traders protect sustainable capital.

  2. Statistics of profits, this account recorded a growth of 19.24% in just 11 months of trading. The account also shows a profit factor: 6.22, the highest loss is less than 1%, showing a fairly high win rate (reaching 88%).

  3. Trading strategy, an EA-only trading account with a Pullback Strategy for AUDCAD and NZDCAD currency pairs brings about the same profit.

The first DCA volume is 0.03 and takes profit by Price Action trading strategy. This account is a clear demonstration of following the trading plan by using the EA, from which it is easy to make profits.

For more account information, let's explore Light NEW (safe)

ITP UAC1500 

Effective DCA strategy brings total investment of $600,000 

Recently, FXCE Direct invested an additional $ 100,000 in the UAC1500 ITP system, bringing the total investment to $ 600,000. This is definitely one of the EA systems that use DCA optimally and bring in stable profits. These results are all shown through impressive numbers.

Top Traders FXCE

The account has been consistently profitable for 6 months with a profit factor of 2.67. Win rate up to 75.28% over a trading period of 7 months. The strategy of this account is to use the AUDCAD trading EA, mainly to enter 0.01 lots. The EA trades the most and is most effective on the time frame from 20:00 - 23:00.

Top Traders FXCE

It is known that this is just one of the effective EA systems of mrtuanvn. He also owns 2 outstanding EA systems, receiving an investment of more than $ 1,000,000. 

Discover UAC1500 ITP Account

Ngư Ông ACAD

EA System Achieves Super High CAGR/MDD

Besides using criteria like FXCE Score, Profit Factor, Growth, etc. to evaluate a potential trader, there is one more factor to consider. That is the CAGR/MDD parameter. This parameter is used to measure the annual compound profit growth rate. The higher this number, the better the trading activity.

Top Traders FXCE

Ngư Ông ACAD account is one of the trading accounts that achieves this impressive data (9.52). In addition, FXCE Score for Profit is also very good with 92.2 rating points, Risk Management is almost perfect 97.2

Indeed, this is a trader who knows the balance between profit and risk. 

Explore the details of Ngư Ông ACAD Account


Accounts with EA system grow 13% in just 6 months 

Based on the hourly statistical chart, it is easy to see that the EA system mainly trades in the time frame from 3:00 - 5:00 and from 23:00 - 24:00. Both of these timeframes are profitable.

Top Traders FXCE

According to detailed statistics, this account recorded CAGR/MDD (compound annual profit growth) of 3.8. Although this is only an average number, it will come with long-term profit value if the trading system is sustainably maintained:

  • Trader's Guard: Guaranteed asset drop < 15%

  • Wide range of trading pairs for capital and risk management. 

  • The majority entered orders with a volume of 0.05 lots 

  • Growth Index: 14.37% (as of press time)

Top Traders FXCE

Discover details of  THINH38-DIRECT 03 account


Impressive profits from AUDCAD, AUDNZD and NZDCAD.

Portfolio diversification is a strategy used to achieve high returns and minimize risk. VNP_64146 account owns a profitable portfolio in all 3 trading products within 9 months. Specific profit of currency pairs

  1. AUDNZD: 1.15%

  2. AUDCAD: 2.88%

  3. NZDCAD: 2.49%

Top Traders FXCE

Not only stable profits, but risk management is also done very well in terms of discipline and capital management with a very high risk management score: 95.2. The account recorded an average decrease in Assets of 2.88%. CAGR/MDD score: 3.08.

Discover and follow the next journey of VNP_64146 Account


Trading experience with multi-currency

This is a veteran member who has been trading at FXCE since 2021. This account has achieved quite remarkable results.

Top Traders FXCE

  • Growth: 10.68%

  • CAGR/MDD: 5.53

  • Risk management (FXCE score): 98.1

  • Profit in 12/14 currency pairs

  • Investment from FXCE Direct: $300,000

Using completely EA has helped the account manage risk, and utilizing Trader's Guard has increased discipline in the trading.

Top Traders FXCE

The full use of the EA has kept the account under control, and taking advantage of Trader's Guard adds to the discipline of trading. 

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Above is the FXCE Top Trader that we have compiled and honored in Q2, 2023. The accounts have shown an impressive color in each trading strategy. However, somewhere there will still be strengths/weaknesses that need to be improved or better performed in the future.

FXCE thanks Traders who are always dedicated and dedicated in bringing long-term value to the Investor Community at FXCE. Moreover, combined with professional analysis from Trading Analysis, it promises to bring more excellent individuals in the next time.

Let's accompany FXCE, discuss and find out the outstanding individuals of the FXCE Trading Platform!

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