Overview of the Capital Funding Program (FXCE DIRECT)
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🚀 FXCE Direct Fund is an Investment Fund that is 100% Capital Sponsored and Managed by FXCE 🚀

Traders are only allowed to use a Demo Direct account to participate. In particular, FXCE does not impose any restrictions on trading systems, whether manual or automated using EA. Importantly, FXCE will not charge any fees from traders for participating.

During the trading process and after being funded, all trading behaviors of the trader must be consistent. Trading inconsistently during the funding challenge and changing trading methods upon receiving funding are considered violations and will result in funding denial or withdrawal of the funded account.

1. Conquer Funding Conditions
FXCE Direct is for both beginners and professionals. To pass the funding round, you need to meet the following conditions:

1. Procedure Steps:

📌 First, you need to have an FXCE account created at fxce.com.

[Guide to Open Account]

📌 After that, you need to complete the personal information verification process (KYC).

[Guide to KYC Account]

📌 Once KYC is successful, proceed to create a Demo Direct account.

[Guide to Create Demo Direct Account]

      + The Demo Direct account will have a default capital of 10,000 USD.
      + The default leverage is 1/30.
      + Trading products: Gold and various FX currency pairs.

📌 You can only create one Demo Direct account if you trade manually, the manual trading account has a logo as shown in the picture.

      (If the manually traded account is revoked, please delete and create a new account).
[Guide to Delete Account]

📌 When using trading EA, it is possible to create a maximum of 5 accounts. Each EA must be completely different in trading methods. In the case of running multiple EAs with the same method but on different currency pairs, FXCE will only consider funding 1 account.


 📌 Trading Duration:

    • From 3 months or more for manual trading (with at least 20 different trading days) and EA single shot.

    • From 6 months or more for EA Martingale and DCA.

 📌 EDD (Equity Drawdown) <15% (Reference: Equity Drawdown)

 📌 FXCE Points of 25 or higher (Reference: FXCE Score)

 📌 CAGR/MDD Ratio >= 1.5 (Reference: CAGR/MDD)

 📌 R2 Ratio on month >= 0.7 (Reference: R2)

(You need to trade for at least 2 weeks or more to get points)

 📌 Trading accounts should have a minimum of 1% total profit over the last 3 months.

****In case your account has enough time but does not meet all the conditions, you can continue trading to meet the remaining requirements.

2. Send a funding request:
📌 Once you have met the funding conditions, you need to switch your account to the "Public" mode.

[Guide to change Account Status]

📌 Then, click on the "Submit Request" section and fill in all the necessary information:

1. Provide Telegram Username (Not to be confused with Telegram name)

2. Do you want to migrate trading history from Demo Direct Account to New Funded Account?

2. Funding Rounds

🔹Direct round

After your account is approved, you will be provided with an initial capital of:

📌 $5,000 capital for manual trading

📌 $10,000 capital for EA trading

🔹Invest round

📌 With EA Trading Account: Profit from 1%/1 period (i.e. 3 months), and after two consecutive periods with a FDD (Floating Drawdown, Reference FDD) below 6%, receive a $100,000 investment.

📌 With manual trading account: After receiving $5,000 in capital, trade for an additional 6 months. If you achieve a profit of 1%/3 months, with an FDD below 6% and a Profit Factor (PF) >= 2, receive a $100,000 investment.

At that time, Trader's corresponding ranking was D Silver according to the roadmap below:

*** After receiving funding or investment, Traders will receive 20% of the profits  (if any), and will be divided periodically every 3 months ***

3. Account Withdrawal Conditions

- Edd (Equity drawdown) hits 15%.


- The Demo Direct account can only trading Gold and Forex.

- Copying trades from other accounts is not allowed.

- The profits that traders earn must be stable or balanced over time. FXCE reserves all rights if there are suspicions or determinations of unlawful behavior. These rights include the right to refuse funding to any trader.

Quick support:🌏 support.fxce.com