Benefits of Joining FXCE Giga EA Community
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Since its debut, FXCE Giga has gained a growing following among forex traders in general and those who enjoy trading automation in particular. One of the platform's accomplishments throughout operation is the launching of FXCE Giga EA community.

This network offers not only several advantages in terms of opportunities for skill and knowledge growth for all investors who use trading robots, but also serves as a hub for user and developer gatherings and technical assistance.

In this article, let's take a look at the platform as the whole picture and see what can be achieved by joining FXCE Giga EA community.


Overview of EA

You might have already known, EA Forex is a Forex trading system that automatically generates trading signals, sends notifications to traders about trading opportunities or automatically places orders according to previously set parameters.

It can be seen that the Forex EA is for all Traders from small to large institutions such as investment funds thanks to significant advantages such as:

  • 24/7 operation: EA will automatically monitor and seize opportunities as soon as signals appear on all currency pairs.

  • Psychology management: EA will help traders overcome psychological barriers, crowd effects and limiting FOMO. Investment strategies will be followed in a disciplined manner along the way.

  • Time saving: Traders do not need to follow the chart, price pattern continuously throughout the day, but just identify the general trend and set up a plan.

  • Solution of capital management: Similarly, investors do not need to check the account's Drawdown indicator continuously. The input capital management parameters will be applied throughout, helping to increase the winning rate, minimizing the probability of account margin call.

  • Allowed to use multiple EAs at the same time: Create diversity for each trading style such as Scalping, IntraDay Trading,...and increase the probability of profit.

FXCE Giga EA Community Introduction

Rooted in the mission of a social trading platform, FXCE Giga EA community can be seen as a part of the whole FXCE ecosystem. There aren't any hard-and-fast qualifications, you can completely join if you've ever:

  • Create EA from FXCE Giga 

  • Try trading at FXCE by any service (Demo, Cent, Live accounts, contest attendance, offline courses,...)

The community, which has grown to around 4000 members over time, may go to obtain assistance from the programming team when building their own EAs. I receive installation and configuration support for EA.

Over time, the community has now attracted nearly 4000 members, where users and traders get support from the programming team when they first begin using FXCE Giga to create their own EAs. In other words, it is the place for EA installation and configuration support.

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Hence, FXCE Giga EA community has been created as a social network exclusively for traders so that everyone can update the account's information and exchange information between other accounts to develop and visit each other for their investment optimization.

In addition, FXCE Giga EA community also has an English section on the main website, trading site and international version with support for many different languages on Telegram to support users from around the world. Definitely you can join to get more value, which will be mentioned in the next section.

Benefits of Joining FXCE Giga EA Community 

1. Knowledge and Experience Centre

Those engaging in the EA FXCE Giga community gain a lot of exposure to various styles and develop passive income because of the community's appeal of so many outstanding traders from across the world. For more information, you can visit social media pages to see posts of Top Trader - best results for the week/month. 

Besides learning from each other, traders can completely update their trading knowledge and experience through basic-to-advanced course at FXCE Academy or informative articles in the Trading Essentials area. If you need more support, FXCE has 1-on-1 support programs both online and offline. Refer to support programs right on the main website.


2. Approach To New Strategies

Even if you only trade with EAs, there are many different types of Expert Advisors you can use as samples EAs from FXCE Library - where there are a lot of EAs created from the FXCE Giga EA community and backtested with the positive results.

If you have more time and interest, you can copy trade by surfing to find and buy signals from exclusive Trader's Guard established masters. Similarly, traders can also integrate virtual computers (VPS) to most diversify the profitable strategies.

3. Many Interesting Playgrounds

Participating in FXCE Giga EA community does not stop at personal trading research, you can at the same time apply the EA and gain that experience to competitions of a global scale, from copytrade to automated trading.

In the very near future, it is certain that FXCE will bring a lot of competitive experience to talented traders. If you already have your own EA, continue to optimize and wait for the opportunity to shine.

Besides, the team also provides the Arena page - a subdomain site that allows any trader to create and invite players to participate in self-organized competitions. This is your chance to try daring strategies that you haven't applied yet because of the high risk.

4. Get Donation With EA

In addition to the large options of EAs available, we are always encouraging the FXCE Giga EA community to contribute to the ever-richer EA Library. This is to improve the efficiency of automated trading in the ecosystem and jointly establish long-term value.

Donate feature was born right on the EA Blog - where you can share your quality EA to the community and receive donations from FXCE up to 1000 FXCE tokens as well as from traders in the ecosystem.

What To Do Before Attending FXCE Giga EA Community

Joining the FXCE Giga EA community is completely easy and fast when you just need to get simple things done.

Start getting familiar with FXCE Giga

If you are an experienced trader, surely creating an account, performing KYC, downloading and integrating Giga into MT5 is not too difficult. With a friendly and easy to use interface, FXCE does not take too much time and is completely free of charge for EA creation services.


Well-equipped the basics

If you are a beginner trader, you are not in a hurry to get your own EA. However, you can still create an account and join the community chat groups to learn gradually. As mentioned above, FXCE is full of resources for both lessons and discussions for traders to thrive on.


FXCE Giga EA community is the result of strategic work that the development team from FXCE has built and invested in over a long period of time. Not only does it provide financial value to traders, the community also provides countless other opportunities and value for personal growth.

Come to the new era of trading by attending FXCE Giga EA community and our ecosystem:

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