Chance To Win A Jackpot At FXCE Power Block Game
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In recent years, we have been no strangers to hearing about "electronic lotteries" or online games with extremely high prize value. A big question arises whether this is legal when the prize value is up to tens of millions of dollars. But jackpot and all thing above have any related? Some interesting information below will help you get an overview of this concept.

What is Jackpot


1. What is that?

Jackpot is defined as the biggest prize in a game or can also be the Jackpot in a lottery. With the increasingly diverse development of online gaming platforms, this word is gradually understood as a type of game that accumulates bonus points. Thus, the high-value prizes will be accumulated over time until the player wins. The amount of the bonus is accrued based on the total bets of the participants.

With a variety of different products and attractive prizes, the prize of Jackpot sometimes up to million of dollars, many players choose this as a new entertainment activity. There are even players who see this as a life-changing opportunity and participate with the attitude of waiting for their luck to come.

2. Popular types of Jackpot

With many different forms from playing directly at casinos to playing online on electronic websites, Jackpot also has many different shapes and rules. However, let's take a look at the most popular and well-known forms.

Jackpot is diverse in terms of participation

Jackpot is diverse in terms of participation

Progressive Jackpot (Progressive Slot)

This is a popular and most used variation and is most loved by 1 hit Jackpot you will get a huge bonus. The rules of the game are quite simple with the bonus amount being accumulated from the bets of the losing players and when someone wins, the bonus level will return to the original default number.

Network Jackpot 

Network Jackpot has bonuses aggregated from many different game networks. Usually, these game genres will have the same developers and form a system. This is a kind of Jackpot has the highest prize because the bonus will be pooled from multiple regions of all the losing players from a game network.

Local Jackpot

In a word, this type of Jackpot will aggregate its bonuses of the participants by geographical area. And of course, the winner will be from that local area. Bounty amounts will also be aggregated from local participants.

Fixed Jackpot

Differs from other forms Jackpot as mentioned above, this type of bonus is not cumulative but has a fixed amount. Depending on the issuer, the amount of the bonus will be regulated at different levels. To compensate for this somehow a drawback, Fixed Jackpots will be featuring some  other features such as free spins, gift combos, or mysterious gifts.

How can we join the Jackpot game?

We can join the game Jackpot both in person and online. But playing online attracts and receives the response of many people because of its convenience. Here are the ways to play online for beginners.

1. Classic Jackpot Rules for beginners

For the traditional form

Usually on the screen, the machine will display 3 or 5 different columns of images, the cells will be set with a coin value, the bet level on each pay line. Depending on the interface, but usually above there will be a "Spin" button. In some cases, it will be the "Autoplay" mode which is the automatic recording. 

And the rules of the game are also very simple if on the screen there are 3 identical pictures on the same row from left to right, it means you have won. The number of coins won in Jackpot depends on the shapes that appear on the row. In general, the operation and rules of the game Jackpot are pretty simple. If we are lucky, with just a few clicks we can win a fortune, this is also one of the reasons why Jackpot constantly attracts many players.

Lottery form

If you don't like online dialing, you can still join Jackpot in the form of a lottery. With only the cost of 10,000 VND for a prize ticket, players can choose 6 sets of numbers to participate in winning. Each such ticket will contain 6 sets of prizes A B C D E, and each set will contain 6 pairs of numbers from 01-55. For every match on 3 pairs on the red bridge or more, the player has a prize.

In addition, with each different ticket product, there will be a different game rule and the prizes are also extremely diverse.

2. Latter-day Jackpot rules

In the form of an online game, the Vietlott lottery is also considered another variation of Jackpot unsurpassed attraction. This form also becomes diversified with an extremely high prize structure. Lottery Power 6/55 and Mega 6/45 are two products of Vietlott with impressive bonuses that attract the most players.

As for the Power 6/55 lottery, this is currently the form of the lottery with the highest reward in Vietnam, with a prize structure that many people dream of because it only needs one time. Jackpot was able to make life-like turning a new page.

  • Special Prize (Jackpot 1): Minimum VND 30 billion and accumulate 6 numbers

  • Special Prize (Jackpot 2): Minimum VND 30 billion and accumulate 5 numbers + 1 special number

  • First Prize: 40,000,000 VND (5 numbers)

  • Second prize: 500,000 VND (4 numbers)

  • Third Prize: 50,000 VND (3 numbers)

As for the Mega 6/45 lottery, the prize structure is equally high after Power 6/55. With pseudo-divisions as follows:

  • Special Prize (Jackpot): Minimum 12 billion and accumulated (6 numbers)

  • First Prize: 10,000,000 VND (5 numbers)

  • Second prize: 300,000 VND (4 numbers)

  • Third Prize: 30,000 VND (3 numbers)

Jackpot at FXCE Power Block Game

In addition to the forms Jackpot mentioned above, at FXCE there is an exciting gaming platform with equally attractive rewards. This can be said to be a Jackpot game exclusively for traders.

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1. What's different at FXCE?

Huge Prizes

Still, the same rules of winning as usual, but the Power Block game at FXCE has its own uniqueness and novel appeal. Power Block Game is developed as an entertaining game with attractive rewards for traders in the FXCE common house. Different from other forms Jackpot normally, when participating in Power Block Game, all prizes will be awarded in FXCE Token and transferred directly to the player's FXCE wallet right after the lottery results are available.

For 10 winning periods Jackpot first, 1,000,000 FXCE will be put into the prize pool to start the prize. The prize winner "Exclusive" will receive the prize in the form of a direct transfer of FXCE tokens to FXCE wallet, every 2 weeks and equally divided and transferred within 20 periods. (From the winning period Jackpot 11th onwards, the number of award periods will be reduced to 10.)

In addition, FXCE is willing to support FXCE token auctions for the winner's Jackpot, helping players to liquidate faster.

If there is more than one winning ticket Jackpot, the prize will be divided equally among all winning tickets.

The prize structure will be divided as follows:

The FXCE Jackpot prize structure

The prize structure

(*) The prize value will be calculated on the ticket price in the drawing period.

Transparency and novelty

To ensure that there is no interference with the results of the draw, the dialing process is publicly available so that any trader can check it out for themselves. The Power Block sequence consists of 6 numbers from 00 - 49 and will be dialed one by one. Starting from the Block number and ending with the Power number.

When the ticketing gate closes, one hour before the draw, the entire data of the drawing period (including ticket purchaser ID, ticket ID, numbers selected on the ticket, time of ticket purchase, and date of the drawing) will be aggregated and hashed to be encoded into a unique string of characters. This helps to ensure that no one can add, remove or change the data of the dial period. Since only 1 character is changed in the data of the dialing period, this string will also change.

Next is the work of the VRF. The encrypted string will be used as the Seed string to perform the call results from the VRF technology. A seed string will not be used twice to dial the number to ensure the randomness of the result. If any seed strings are identical to the ones used, FXCE will check and re-hash them. However, the probability of this happening is almost zero.

When the resulting call is successfully executed, a random number sequence generated by the VRF technology is returned. This chain will be completely random, and cannot be predicted or manipulated, anyone who wants to can verify it on the blockchain. In addition, the FXCE Power Block Game website will have specific instructions to help players check the results.

2. It’s so easy to join

First, we need to create an account to be able to participate. Players will create an account at FXCE Power Block Game. Traders who already have an FXCE account, can directly log in and participate in number selection. And of course, players can only buy tickets when FXCE wallet has a valid balance.

When accessing the website, players will see the game interface, next the player only needs to choose one (01) POWER number from 0-49 and five (05) different BLOCK numbers also from 0 -49. To win the prize Jackpot, your ticket needs to match both the POWER number and the five (05) BLOCK numbers with the lottery result.

FXCE Jackpot choose number

How to choose number

If you are still wondering how to choose a number, you can choose your favorite number or have the computer automatically choose a random number for you by clicking [Select Number Automatically]

You can also combine both ways by pre-selecting at least one number and using the automatic number selection feature to let the computer select the missing numbers.

About ticket sales

  • Power Block draws are held weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 18:00 (UTC).

  • Stop selling tickets one (01) hour before ticketing. The ticket gate will close at 17:00 (Vietnam time).

  • Only 70% of the maximum tickets were sold, or 74,156,600 out of a total of 105,938,000 tickets.

  • The selling price of each Power Block ticket is 1 (one) FXCE token (this is the starting price, which will vary depending on market fluctuations).


Jackpot is an attractive game so special because of the huge prize value. It's why this game always has thousands of players each draw and retains its heat. Jackpot in FXCE Power Block Game is both entertaining and valuable for those who dream of being rich. This is evidently worth experiencing once.

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