Top 5 ways to generate income at home from the FXCE ecosystem
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Among countless ways to make money from the financial industry, Forex trading is currently one of the most popular methods. Understanding the demand from this market, FXCE has been and is creating opportunities for everyone to generate income at home in the FXCE ecosystem.

So how will traders generate income at home from the FXCE ecosystem? Let's find out about FXCE in this article!

One of the detailed articles about FXCE that you can refer to before seeking opportunities to generate income at home from this ecosystem: Find your Forex trading tool at FXCE Social Trading Platform.

Is it safe to generate income at home with FXCE?

Before delving into the details of how to generate income at home with FXCE, we need to understand the FXCE ecosystem and its outstanding features.

FXCE is one of the leading Financial Technology companies that provide financial solutions and other accompanying services. We want to become a friendly Forex trading environment, the top choice for newbies and experts. FXCE has a clear goal of bringing many valuable pieces to the community.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the founder and talented team are bringing transparency and honesty. And it is important that the team brings the best analysis and trading technology platforms to its customers. With that technology, users can confidently generate income at home with FXCE.

There is no doubt that FXCE is an ecosystem where investors, brokers, and traders will link together from a chain of different products. Therefore, being able to generate income at home will be extremely diverse and users can choose how to make money according to their needs.

So what are the ways to generate income at home with the FXCE ecosystem?

Generate income at home by FXCE GIGA EA Forex

There is no doubt that the ability to make money from using EA Forex. It can be said that most traders know how to generate income at home quickly by using EA Forex for trading. However, when joining the FXCE ecosystem, you will not only use EA to make money from trading but also many other ways to generate income at home:

Generate income at home by creating EA Forex by FXCE GIGA

In the Forex market, using Expert Advisors (EA) is one of the effective ways to generate income at home. No different from other Forex EAs on the market, with FXCE GIGA, you can effectively use EAs to trade in the Forex market.

Although using EA Forex for trading and seeking profits also has many risks and challenges. However, this is considered a useful support tool for traders to trade. Moreover, the FXCE GIGA ecosystem will provide suitable indicators, automatic EAs and selling EAs, helping traders save time and increase earning opportunities.

In addition, by overcoming emotional barriers when trading, FXCE GIGA EA Forex will automatically close profits or send signals to traders. Therefore, if you want to generate income at home, take advantage of the EAs in the FXCE GIGA ecosystem to trade and make money conveniently and effectively.

Increase income from contributing EA to Giga Collection

Besides using EA Forex from FXCE GIGA to profit from trading, users can also generate income at home by contributing EAs to the FXCE ecosystem. With the Giga Collection program, FXCE will evaluate and certify high-quality EA Forex by FXCE GIGA. Therefore, if the EA Forex is considered effective, the creator will receive a bonus from FXCE, worth 1000 $FXCE.

Moreover, FXCE always encourages contributions that bring positive value to the Forex community. Therefore, FXCE officially integrates the "Donate" feature. With this form, if the trading history of that EA is good, EA creators will receive a deserving donation from readers.

Increase income from contests at FXCE Arena

FXCE Arena is one of the best arenas for new and expert traders to test their skills and make money. Moreover, Forex contests are regularly organised and have great prizes. Not only that, FXCE Arena serves trading competitions at all scales and frameworks, meaning unlimited possibilities to create competitions and participate in competitions. Besides earning profits from trades, players can receive valuable prizes from contests if they win.

These contests often require players to have professional knowledge and Forex trading experience to participate. However, the rewards are often attractive, so if you have a passion for trading and making money, this is one of the excellent ways to generate income at home with the FXCE ecosystem.

Currently, FXCE is organising a competition for traders who are currently or already owning EA Forex: EA | Next trading gen 2023. This contest currently has a total prize of 170,000 $FXCE. Therefore, if you are confident in your EA, do not hesitate to participate in the competition and prove yourself as the EA champion.

Experience Demo Pro and receive real investment from FXCE Invest & Direct

If you are a new investor or have little experience in Forex trading, start with a Demo Pro account. The Demo Pro account at FXCE will help you experience the real trading environment without any cost. In addition, with the Demo Pro account, you can participate in the Direct and Invest program. When you meet certain conditions, you will receive investment from the Direct program without investing real money.

The form to receive capital is very simple:

You only need FXCE points > 25 and profitable trading, trading over 3 months. After 3 months, you will be granted $2,000 after approval and split 20% of profits for traders. Not only that, we will increase the capital to $10,000 after 3 months of profitable trading (through the second review).

After conquering the FXCE Direct phase (Capital grant), you will come to the final round - Invest round to receive investment from the FXCE Direct fund (Profitable capital grant account). Traders will receive at least $100,000 investment through Copytrade and be split 20% of profits (if any).

Therefore, just experience trading from a Demo Pro account at FXCE, you can easily generate income at home without any cost.

Simple money-making from Copytrade Engine feature

Copytrade feature is one of the features that traders prefer. Because this feature can copy trades and quickly make profits. In the FXCE ecosystem, the Copytrade feature is considered useful for being able to generate income at home.

In fact, you can become a trader and sell signals in the FXCE ecosystem. Specifically, you can use EA from FXCE GIGA to open Copytrade through the FXCE Social trading Platform and earn profits from great signals.

In addition, if you do not have much Forex knowledge, you can become an investor. In the FXCE ecosystem, the Copytrade feature not only allows you to buy signals from traders but also invest in those traders. Therefore, depending on your goals, you can choose one of these two ways to generate income at home.

To understand the outstanding advantages of Copytrade at FXCE, you should refer to this article: Copytrade at FXCE compared to other brokers.

Diverse income from other Forex brokers

In addition, you can also generate income at home by connecting with other Forex brokers in the FXCE ecosystem. Forex brokers also play an important role in the FXCE ecosystem, as a place to connect traders around the world with FXCE and the Forex market. Currently, FXCE is working with 3 main Forex brokers, including Axi, XTB, and Zenfinex.

When connecting with other Forex brokers from FXCE, you have the ability to receive commissions up to 90%. In addition, you can also receive exclusive benefits, only when participating in Forex brokers through FXCE. Therefore, trading with Forex brokers along with FXCE will help increase income better than in other places.


Above are 5 ways to generate income at home in the FXCE ecosystem. With the goal of creating a transparent, safe and diverse Forex trading place, FXCE always tries to bring many opportunities to make money. From there, participants will be diverse in being able to generate income at home in the FXCE ecosystem. Hopefully, the ideas for you to generate income at home at FXCE from this article will help everyone earn more money.