Is it difficult to make money EA with FXCE Giga? 
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“Come to the Forex market and make money trading currency pairs!”

You are not alone if you are thinking the same things as the above. Because a lot of traders who engage in forex trading believe that the only way to profit from this market is to buy and sell currency pairs and profit from the disparity in exchange rates. The truth, though, goes beyond that.  

There are several methods to profit from the Forex market, including working as a broker partner, trading advice, trading indicator, etc. So, to make money EA by FXCE Giga platform is a really intriguing task, particularly if you are a long-term EA Trader. 

Let's find out how to make money EA in the Forex market!


Is it easy to make money EA Forex?

It can be affirmed, making money from the Forex market is not easy, but with the right information and expertise, you may be sure of success. In fact, traders who know how to make money from the Forex market still have a reliable source of income and make money EA is one of them.

There is no single method or trading strategy that is accurate and always wins when you make money EA. The only method to increase your capacity to make money EA is to practice the knowledge base a lot. Once you've studied the market and made predictions about how certain currency pairings will move, all you have to do is wait until the right moment. 

Is it easy to make money EA Forex with FXCE Giga? This also depends on how you want to implement it.

Make money EA by Trading

Although using Forex EAs in trading also brings with it many challenges and risks. However, that also does not prevent Traders from looking for methods of making money from EAs through Trading. 

If you think that to make money EA in the Forex market is a boring trading method, you are wrong. There are many traders who come to this point because emotions and trading psychology are what determine the success or failure of trading. Think about it, your trading method for many years is really no problem, the real problem lies in discipline, emotion and risk management.

Therefore, to make money EA by creating appropriate Indicators, Automatic (and semi-automatic) EAs will be of great help to Traders. By overcoming emotional barriers when trading, FXCE Giga platform will bring you one step closer to success.

If you still have doubts about whether it is possible to make money EA in the Forex market? Top EA Trader in Social Trading Platform is always ready for you to check.

Make money EA by Training course

The recent emergence of EA generators has made the process of creating Forex EAs quick and uncomplicated. Specifically for the FXCE Giga platform, instead of mastering complex programming languages ​​like before, you can simply enter your strategy preferences. The rest system will be completed within a few minutes. 


So once you have mastered the use of other Forex EA generators , not just on each FXCE Giga platform. You can make money EA by training courses and establishing fundamental classes on EA Forex programming using an alluring approach. The purpose of courses is to enable gifted learners and traders to automate their trading processes and profit from EAs in a similar way to you… 

Make money EA by Selling Signals

You may utilize the official EA to open CopyTrade on the FXCE Social Trading Platform and charge a monthly fee if you don't merely want to cease profiting from EAs through trading. FXCE STP platform incorporates the FXCE CopyTrade Engine with several copy modes, offering the most professional Trader analysis environment. 


The rest that Traders need to do is to analyze and learn the investment efficiency of EA Trader through trading experience, risk management and growth factors. In the end, attracting many Copiers depends on the results of your EA trading system. 

Earn through exclusive programs at FXCE

Giga Collection Program / Get Donate

FXCE continues the path of encouraging value contributions from EA creators. FXCE has officially integrated the “Donate Feature”, giving well-deserved rewards for future EA Community contributions. From this form of Donate, the EAs in the Giga Collection with a history of effective operation will be interested by readers and donate for worthy efforts. 


And yet, for the Giga Collection Program - Articles will verify the content, evaluate the EA quality (configured with FXCE Giga), and conduct review. This will be a great advantage as the owner of the posts will immediately receive 5 FXCE Donate coins (worth 1000 $FXCE).


More than 300 Indicators and Forex EAs are available at: https://ea.fxce.com/ , completely free, invite you to explore.

Get Investment from FXCE Direct Programs

FXCE Direct Fund is known as a 100% equity investment fund for traders funded and managed by FXCE. As a result, the work of making money from EA is increasingly expanded through the Programs organized by FXCE. 

Many EA traders benefit from the FXCE Direct Program. Basically, FXCE funds a minimum of $2000, then increases to $10,000. Passing these funding rounds, EA Trader continues to be invested in the form of copytrade with a minimum of $100,000, increasing by $100k for each subsequent round and unlimited total investment.

Compete with EA competitions 

To make money EA through competitions held at FXCE Arena on a global scale is a promising choice. FXCE Arena welcomes many tournaments of different sizes, large and small, with a variety of players. Especially new playgrounds for top EA traders.

EA Next Trading Gen 2023

We rocked April 2023 with our first EA-specific competition at FXCE Arena. As a leading provider of automated trading technology, FXCE is pleased to present a large-scale competition to the global EA community. 


As of the time of writing, more than 500 players have competed with various EA trading strategies. A chance to win a challenging cup for competitors with a total prize pool of up to 170,000 $FXCE and many other opportunities such as getting investment and polishing your name. 


***Details of the Prize for information and rules of the EA Contest | NEXT TRADING GEN 2023

Upcoming EA Contest - Coming Soon!

Start a new journey - conquer a new era - an era of automated trading!


This contest kicks off FXCE's next major milestone in 2023. A new era, an indispensable automated trading environment for EA Traders using the FXCE Giga platform. 

More specifically, this is the next playground with the same level of competition as the previous competitions. Let's wait and see!

What Is FXCE Giga?

FXCE Giga is a solution that allows everyone to configure the EA without having programming knowledge. Especially, this is a free tool that you can unlimitedly create as many EAs as you want.

The EA Developer Team puts a lot of effort into developing FXCE Giga into a simple, user-friendly and convenient EA configuration system for all users. Moreover, this tool runs on the MT5 platform so it takes advantage of the optimal technologies from Metaquote.


This is absolutely a place for those who want to create an EAs for trading activity. As you know, we cannot change the situation or the market price in any way. Once you understand what FXCE Giga is, you can master any situation that comes up.


Finally, to make money EA is not an easy thing. However, conquering the Forex market and the desire to find ways to maximize profits for yourself is the daily challenge of EA creators. The consequence of the above has created many methods of making money EA not only in Trading but also in many more. 

The creation of FXCE Giga and the companionship of technology, from FXCE's own EA team, is a testament to the success of EA Trader. 

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