FXCE Analysis: Guide to use for beginners and experts
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fxce trading analysis

A skilled trader in Forex is not only good at market analysis but also mastered in the analysis of trading results. FXCE Trading Analysis is a tool that helps you achieve this.

It would be a significant oversight to ignore the process of self-review and evaluation of your trading performance. In this article, let's explore the main features and utilities of FXCE Trading Analysis.

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Why is it important to analyze trading performance?

Analyzing trading performance is the process of evaluating and measuring the outcomes of trades to determine whether they are profitable or not. This process is crucial because it helps investors or traders to:

Make informed trading decisions: Trading analysis enables traders to make smarter decisions based on real data and information. This helps minimize risks and increase the chances of achieving high profits.

Manage risk: Trading analysis helps traders assess potential risks involved in their trades and implement preventive measures to mitigate those risks. This ensures the safety of their investment capital.

Increase profitability: Trading analysis helps traders identify potential trading opportunities and optimize profits from their trades. You can easily analyze this factor through effective time trading statistics. Based on the timeframe where you achieve the best results, you can set the most suitable timeframe for your trades.

FXCE Trading Analysis - Tools to maximize trading performance

As you know, to become a skilled trader, you need to acquire a diverse set of skills. Capital management, risk management, emotional control, market analysis, etc. are crucial aspects that every trader needs to equip themself with. Because they directly impact the effectiveness of your trades.

Therefore, it's essential to have a tool that can enhance these skills and make them better over time. FXCE Trading Analysis is a trading analysis tool that you can use to develop a more effective trading strategy.

Based on your trading information, FXCE Trading Analysis provides highly objective statistical data. It is presented in the form of charts, data tables, and notably, the FXCE scoring system. What do you think about using this tool from beginners to experts?

FXCE Trading Analysis | For beginners

If you are a beginner to the market or a new member of the FXCE community, you can start with some basic analysis.

Overview of Trader Performance Metrics

When you access your profile, the first table you see is the overview of your trading results. With FXCE Trading Analysis, important metrics such as Profit, Capital Growth, Asset Drawdown, etc., are displayed in this table. From there, you will have an overall view of the effectiveness of your trades and whether they align with your set goals.

FXCE Score 

FXCE Score is the second feature of FXCE Trading Analysis. It is a scoring system used to evaluate a potential trader and is also considered one of the criteria for getting investment from FXCE Direct. The FXCE Score is calculated based on five criteria:

1. Experience: This is reflected through trading time, trading volume, number of trades, trading timeframes, etc. In general, the longer the trading experience and the higher the stability, the higher the experience score.

2. Profit: It is evaluated based on the overall account balance. FXCE Trading Analysis calculates ratios and assigns scores for each trade, closely monitoring the trading performance of a trader. To have a high-profit score, a stable profit ratio is required.

3. Risk Management: Effective fund management skills are essential for successful traders. FXCE Trading Analysis assesses risk management abilities based on an algorithm that tracks entry and exit points. Clearly setting profit targets and stop-loss levels is a top priority in risk management.

4. Discipline: This evaluates consistency, regularity, and adherence to the trading strategy. It is influenced by three factors: the number of trades per week, the timeframe of trades, and the currency pair usage ratio. Traders who consistently trade in a disciplined manner are likely to have a high discipline score.

5. Patience: Timing is crucial, especially in trading. FXCE Trading Analysis uses a patience index to evaluate the timing of trade entries and exits. This factor is assessed by comparing a trader's entry points and exit points using an algorithm.

FXCE Filter

The second feature of FXCE Trading Analysis is the FXCE Filter. This is an interesting feature available on the Social Trading Platform that you can use to search for masters/traders according to your preferences.

The filtering criteria include Exchange, FXCE Score, as well as growth statistics and drawdown ratios, all of which are publicly and transparently verified. You can personalize the FXCE Filter by customizing the criteria. The filtered results will provide you with a list of traders that align with your needs.

FXCE Trading Analysis | For experts

For experienced traders and experts in the Forex market, using an analysis tool like FXCE Trading Analysis can provide several benefits. These traders already possess strong trading skills and market analysis abilities. Additionally, they know how to leverage the analysis of their trading results to identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to improve and excel.

Therefore, the process of analyzing the trading effectiveness using FXCE Trading Analysis for experts will be enhanced. There are numerous charts and tables available within FXCE Trading Analysis to conduct an in-depth analysis of trading effectiveness. However, we have selected 5 key factors to guide the analysis process.

Profit statistic

The profit statistics feature in FXCE Trading Analysis provides insights into the growth rate of profits based on the accumulated profit ratio of all closed trades within a week or month of the account.

In addition to monitoring the stability of growth on a weekly or monthly basis, FXCE Trading Analysis also provides real-time detailed information for each trade after the account has closed a position for approximately 30 minutes. This allows investors to closely monitor the trading effectiveness of the trader and make informed investment decisions to align with their investment strategies.

Trading stable statistic

The profit statistics chart offers three options:

1. All: This option provides an overview of all trades, displaying the total number of trades per day/week/month and the corresponding percentage of profit.

2. Win/Loss: This option focuses on the win/loss trades, showing the total number of winning and losing trades per day/week/month, along with the corresponding percentage of profit/loss.

3. Buy/Sell: This option presents the total number of buy and sell trades per day/week/month, along with the corresponding profit/loss percentage.

Hourly summary

This chart will reveal to you at which time frame you achieve the highest effectiveness in your trading. From there, you can adjust your timing more appropriately and have a more accurate trading plan.

Asset summary

The statistics by currency pair are presented in a pie chart format. It displays the currency pairs that you are trading, and you can easily identify which pairs are profitable and which ones are losing. From there, you can adjust your trading strategy to be more suitable for each currency pair.

Trader's Guard - Commitments between traders and FXCE system

Trader's Guard is one of the useful trading tools available in FXCE Trading Analysis that helps traders minimize risks during trading. It is the commitment between the trader and the FXCE system about the trading plan. 

The commitments are established in the form of terms and conditions and are automatically processed by the system without any third-party intervention. The terms in Trader's Guard are diverse, allowing traders to set and adjust them according to their needs. By adhering to the terms of Trader's Guard, traders are essentially adhering to risk management within their trading plans.


In summary, conducting an effective trading analysis is essential if you want to improve and enhance your profitability. FXCE Trading Analysis serves as the best tool to accomplish this. We hope that the information we shared here will provide you with an additional tool to support your trading process.

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